Friday, February 8, 2013


I've been away because it's holiday. and blogger sucks I can't upload pictures because told me already over capacity! going back to the jungle in a week! :D

I'm not a gamer or hardcore gamer. I play games. Girls games. I don't play those War Craft or DOTA or addicted to it. I'm playing tetris and sims social on facebook. That's it.

It's a norm during my diploma days that I play tons of games. Never ending! and every evening. Even my room mate would freak out if every evening I don't face my laptop and play any game. She would ask me; "eh? fiqa tak main game harini? kenapa?" 

I grew up with games. My siblings loves to play games. any kind. 

Games for me is a leisure time. 
When I need to take things off my head. 
to challenge myself.
to let out my anger (helped a little bit)
sometimes I think the only thing that I'm good at is playing games.
playing games feels like no pressure. I don't have to open up books or research. I'm playing it for fun.

so, does this really bothers you?
does this really that bad for me? 

well, if you can't accept me that I like to play games, I think you should tell me and should stop from this.
you think that is an obligation for you to change the way I am.
you should find someone else. 

It's hard for me to let you go. 
but if you acting like this. 
or pushing me this way. 
I think you have problem with me.
maybe you hates me.
maybe I should stay away from you.
maybe we aren't supposed to be together.

hmph. I should continue playing my games. bye! :D