Friday, December 12, 2008


Dari kecik smpi besar, aku penah percaya ape yang papa ngn abg ckp. diaorg ckp mesti main2 n xpenah betul(ada la betul tp sikit jer). I don't actually trust any guys that I've known... serious xtipu.. dari sekola menengah yang sumernya pompuan, I have a little bit difficulties in communicating with them... kalu pompuan, kite percaya jer.. walaupun kena tipu depan2 tp susah nk ragu2 kat pompuan. eventhough aku kena tipu berkali2 dpn mata selama 1 tahun... Rupa2nya aku ni buta & salahkan diri sendiri.

hidupan setelah masuk university ni dah berubah, aku jadi org lain... xsama dah... sumer dah berubah... tp satu benda yang aku mmg sgt pasti yang aku x percaya dkt laki lgsg walaupun dia berckp perkara yang benar... aku xkesah sbb bgus pon... xlah jadi bodoh percaya kat laki tu... kan??

balik dr Hong Kong,
ada bdk ni, muda la dr kite.. kwn mak kite punye anak... "KATANYA" la.. suka kat kite.. kata kite ni la tu la... bla.. bla... kite bgtau kat mak kite smlm... mak kite dia mcm xgalakan la... suroh kite gelarkan kite "AKAK" (mcm dh tua sgt plak).. tp dari mula aku mmg x cayakan dia.. smpi skrg.. n sgt susah nk caya... Things like this is not important anyway... Tp at least I know that there is a guy that look at me... Kite gemok la!! huhu~ I never think that I'm attractive... \

cuti dah nk abes.. nk kene balik cmpus, blajar... malas lah.. malas nk lyn sumer drama yang bakal hadapi... "Its hard to find a friend that actually there besides you went you are sad and happy and we would be there too for them"... MALAS NK BALIK!! XNAK!! NK DUDUK KAT HONG KONG JER!! XMO!! XMO!! XMO!! XMO!! XMO BALIK CMPUS!!!
dulu xkesah pon.. but now...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trip to Hong Kong and ShenZhen

On the 26th Nov, my mom, sis, lil sis and me went to Hong Kong for a tour trip. We stayed at Gold Coast Hotel. We arrived at 10pm and the hotel is far away for Kowloon (the town). I spend time that night wathing TV... since I was the only one can understand Chinese... hehe~

The View of Hong Kong

Then we had a half day tour went to repulse bay to see Jackie Chan's house, then we went to victoria peak to see the view of Hong Kong. Then we went to ShenZhen by train...

Jackie's House

When arrived at ShenZhen, we went back to Hotel (Green Tree Inn) went to eat at halal restaurant and went to DongMen, a place that is full clothes... Then the next day we went to see the jade and silk and stuff... then we went to the Chinese old folks village where we can experience the Chinese culture and we get the best performance from there!! then, we leave ShenZhen went back to Hong Kong by bus. It takes about 40mins to Hong kong.

Fantastic Performance!

If you go to Shen Zhen make sure you go here!! Chinese Old Folks Village.

Went back to HOng Kong and get the free time for the whole evening. we went to Tsim Sha Tsui and ladies market shopping the whole day. the next day we went to Hong Kong disneyland!! Hong Kong have the smallest Disneyland but I had so much fun because of the ride have in English and that time have a lot of Christmas Special... but in Cantonese ( but yet I can understand). then we went back to Malaysia! I love the weather at Hong Kong and ShenZhen... It was a blast!