Sunday, December 27, 2009

I want to see the truth.

I haven't think for my new year's resolution yet.
but, I have this new interest.

Since I was a kid, people always lie to me.
then, when I entered UiTM, where I faced the reality.
Liar is everywhere,
Pretender is everywhere.
now, I'm interested in Micro-expression and body language.

I hoped that I could see the truth.
I hoped that I could hear people thoughts like "Matt Parkman in Heroes".
Like "Toby Logan in The Listener".

nite ^_^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it a crime?

Last Sunday,
went to a showcase promoting "Tao Hua Xiao Mei".
to see 5 hot guys. At Sg.Wang.

of course the place will be crowded with chinese ma.
then, people will start staring at you. awkwardly.

Those people who are friendly enough would say,
"eh, hai. you came to see who?"

but those will also ask these question,
"you malay come to see chinese guys ah?"
"you can understand wan ar?"

they'll just insulted you in their languages.

I thought we should be open minded about these things?
There are a lot of malays and indians and other races can speak chinese also ma.
I have chinese friends that can speak fluent in Malay without the slang also ma.

is it that weird?
we are the multi race country.
haven't you encounter at least one?

if I lazy to "layan" you,
I'll answer "because now is 1Malaysia la."
Be open minded okay. <--"I'm talking to myself" hahaha~

I enjoys the facial expression when people shocked what you able to do.

caught, guilty.
hoping this entry would not bring anyone's rage.
just think about it.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lemak-Lemak Go Away?

hehe~ tadi makan brunch,
roti bakar + mentega + kaya.. = d..

pastu kat tv3 ada wanita hari ini,
host dia ada mention pasal makanan yg membakar lemak.
"ada ke?? hohoho~ nk check kat internet lah"
dgn sepantas kilat ke petir? pegi check kat internet.

sini dan sini
korg gi lah tgk kat website yg dah di linkkn ini utk lagi byk gmbr, dan information.
malas nk attach gmbr. so gi je la tgk link tu.

ini adalah listnya:
1. Bawang Putih - suka2.
2. Epal - malas nk makan ^_^
3. Kacang Soya - makan kacang?? soya?? tak penah kot.
4. Buahan citrus seperti oren, anggur dan lemon - oh, oren..= d
5. Asparagus - org msia mcm jarang mkn asparagus
6. Taugeh - This is Fav.!!!!
7. Lobak Merah - makan je. tak fanatic sgt.
8. Celeri - tak silap rasa dia tak sedap
9. Timun - ini pun fav jgk.
10. Tomato - tomato pun boleh2 la mcm kwn.
11. Oat - bila dah lapar sgt, n nak jimat duit kat campus.
12. Kobis - pun suka jgk, kat benteng intan n dining susah nk jumpa
13. Teh Hijau - malas nk bancuh, ps:AZRINA!! minum la teh!! hehee~
14. Bawang Merah - pun makan jgk.

Jadi rakan2, sila lah makan makanan yg sihat. hahaa~
utk menjamin kesihatan di masa dpn.

tajuk Wanita Hari Ini tadi "makanan yg merangsang nafsu"
huhu~ tak menarik. jadi online main game lagi best.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fundamental of Afiqah #2

hari ni, hari ahad. takpe. kte buat je class ea.

hari ni punye lesson is about. Music.

"Gmbr, ni amek kat google je."

Music and My Life
basically, none of my family members yg kecik2 dihantar ke tuition music.
tapi background my father, ada background music.
my late grandfather is a musician but not that famous one. One thing, is he really LOVES music.
my father dulu2 dia ada band dia sendiri. main kat mane2 diaorg boleh.
my dad boleh main saxophone and guitar. and he didn't learn from his father.
dia blaja dari someone else. my grandfather tak ajar sgt anak2 dia in music.
my dad kata,
"dulu atuk kata, kalu nk blaja, blaja sendiri jgn harap atuk nk ajar"

Tapi music came to us jugak.
my brother can play flute and maybe others instruments. dia dulu masuk pancaragam.
my both sisters now picking up piano.
me, dulu ada blaja violin tapi dah lama tinggalkan. hehee~

actually nk citer pasal my fav. genre of music.
I like hip hop.

dulu waktu kecik2 sibuk la dgn boybands mcm 911, N'sync, BSB..
but I was introduced hip hop by my neighbour,
the first hip hop artist "Eminem".
Tak la sgt la suka Eminem,
then tak lama tu, sibuk dgn "Meteor Garden",
I met Wilber Pan Wei Bo that tv3. haha~

then cerita "My MVP Valentine" dia punye soundtrack yg di nyanyi kan oleh "5566"
yg originally dari "Shinhwa" then, terjerumus dalam K-Pop.

then, skrg suka lagu yg fast beat and hip hop.

not a fan of rock. mcm azrina ^_^

skrg suka sgt lagu Through My Window by Bunkface. T_T

p/s: suka randomly menari mcm org bodo. hahaa~ slalunye dlm rumah and siram pokok (kat luar) sbb that time I was wearing Mp3.

so, the class ends now.


Friday, December 11, 2009


*comel kan???!!!*

I need to motivate myself before the semester start.
like always,
maybe I should start thinking for my new year resolution.

Don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist. Cause blame is a slutty word.

Ex-planation, ex-ecution, ex-cuse share the same 'ex'.
"Excuses by Epik High"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you want to travel, go here.

List of the safest country in the world
from here

5. Japan
4. Ireland
3. Denmark
2. New Zealand
1. Norway

And if you want to go here, think twice
and from here

5. Russia
4. Venezuela
3. Jamaica
2. South Africa
1. Colombia

Entah kenapa update blog pasal ni..hahahaa~

rasanya, kat bumbung ni ada tinggal sekeluarga musang,
bile kte tdo, kte bley dgr ada bunyi2 mcm anak musang tu main batu seremban guna batu kat atas ni.
aritu, BabyMegat dia tdo bilik parents kte, dia tdo terkejut2 sbb musang tu main batu seremban.
mungkin mak dia ada masak kot. (musang tu).
tapi tak penah jumpa ngn musang tu. agak2 diaorg makan buat epal tak?

FYI: kte tdo kat bilik parents kte sbb diaorg gi Haji. hehehee~

Monday, December 7, 2009

He made my sadness and pain go away temporarily.

(pictures retrieved from

I don't care whether his married or not,
but seeing his face made me excited and smile right away.
hoping that my future husband (tetiba) will make me feel this way,
hoping that I'll find someone like him. (jumpa je. nothing more than that.)

I know, I live in the fantasy land. hahahaa~
but who cares, the important part is I'm happy to see Jensen Ackles.
He is my imaginary perfect guy!! ^_^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fundamental of Afiqah #1

When I'm stressed or being pressured things that I usually do:-
  1. Expressing myself at my private blog "MY BLOODY DIARY" which contain all my secrets and my true feeling. That blog is so ex-rated, so no one should view it. hehee~
  2. listen to MP3 as loud as my ear can take and sing like I'm the only one who exist. My MP3 which contains korean and mandarin songs only, which the lyrics "saya main taram je!!" So, the sound would not sound that plesant.
  3. cursing in Mandarin about it. This depends on movie that I'm currently watching. Like now, I'm watching mandarin drama "MoMo Love", so most of the disagreement I will use in Mandarin. simple words. Why? because I did not have any rights to voice out my opinion, so I kept it to myself.
  4. go for jogging at the top floor of my house. At the top level of my house, there is a "thing"( I don't know what it called). I usually run on it (but IT is not treadmill). Usually, when I'm stressed, the speed are usually more faster but still within 20 mins until 25mins.
  5. Lastly, I'll cry my lungs out. The last resort is, crying my lungs out. until there is no more tears.
  6. then, stare at picture of JENSEN ACKLES smiling. Then I'll smile too!! hehee~

when I comment on posts where have smiley icons. like ^_^ I usually make the same expression when typing it. hehe~

today lesson ends today,
stay tuned for more "Fundamental of Afiqah #2"
See you soon.
Any question or comment leave it below, I'll repond to my students. ^_^