Saturday, May 6, 2017

I'm Sorry

I'm writing this for someone 6 years ago (around there). 

I'm sorry for being to childish and very immature of me.
I'm sorry for being a very ignorant human being to you.
I'm sorry for not understanding you more.
I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you. 

I don't really realised this when things happened to me. 
I realised that I've treated you badly. 

I'm sorry. I've asked for your apologies for another specific incident with you. I hope it won't open old wounds. but you became this gentle and very matured person. You've changed a lot and I do too. 

All these years, you still kinda keep in touch with me. 
you know what to say at the right time. :)

I hope everything would turn as you wanted. 
The right person will come to you. 
have patience (I'm writing this for me too!)

Thank you for being that person.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Warning to all readers.

I'm writing this after few years of abandonment... I'm back for awhile. Sayalah orang tu yang bila susah cari blog nih.

This is public post, kene be really careful while typing things out. 

This post is relating to my heart. 

Yup, at this time of this moment, I don't want to deny this, I realised that I do fell in love with a guy. Maybe kawan-kawan sekeliling boleh teka and tau on this issue. Issue ke(?). 


Oppsss.. I did it again. I confessed to that guy that I liked him. 

And history repeats itself, I've been rejected, kali ni punya gila kejam punya. Hopefully I don't do this to anyone.

The thing is I don't know to move on from this or not. Still contemplating whether to move on or not. I guess let the time decide. Tapi don't worry, I'm not crazy person yang terhegeh-hegeh dekat kau. I'll act cool like nothing happened and we are strangers again. Well, I'm the one yang ada very bad attitude problem, I accept that no one can cope with me sebab tu aku takde dengan sesiapa kan? Coz my attitude problem. Now it make sense. 

I do believe there is someone out there are meant for me. Just dia lambat sampai. Lambat benor kau nih.

For those heartbroken macam I, stay strong! we can do this! We can go through this! We are too awesome for that guy. He can't handle us because we are awesome! :)

Why I'm writing this? Cause I want old me to remember this. 

On the bright side, I learn more about myself and acknowledge and live up to my life policy that is, you only live once and do your best and not to regret it later. So, I've done my part because I've done all the necessary action that I could done so I don't regret later.

Keep Smiling and Continue and Repeat.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"aku tak letak kahwin sebagai matlamat hidup aku"

Read it without judgement. 

Ini bukan statement aku. and please set aside religious opinion to yourself. 

Statement itu dari lelaki yang muda dari aku 2 tahun. 

It came and struck to me pasal kahwin bila I was left alone to manage myself for ONE night. I was driving back home after dinner with my office mate. I was thinking, IF! If I'm still single for a very long time, I would feel lonely at some point where I do felt if at that time. 

It's not that I don't have any friends, I do, but they do have their life to live not just around me. 

It would be those days where I don't have anyone to listen to my stories, my day and those jokes I saw in the internet. 
It would be those days that I have to do thing alone like dining outside, movies and travel.
It would be those days that I'm super sad but no shoulder to cry on. 
It would be those days when I'm sick there's no one next to me. 
It would be those days that when there is no one to share with if you have a happy/exciting news. 

People around do get busy. 

There will be a constant waiting for the "One" to come by and you thought the one came by, it turns out it wasn't him.

So you could see how I view marriage kan? super typical and cheesy. I know that life is not always rainbow and sunshine, there will be storms and hurricane. I wanted choose to see only rainbow and sunshine and hope those rainbow and sunshine would help me get through the stormy days.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Sebenarnya nampak post dekat Fb pasal kes ragging teruk gila... and ada comment pasal adik dia naik balik and quit sebab tak tahan. Teringat waktu masuk UiTM Segamat dulu. Orientation and awesome people around me help to be who I am today! :)

Al-kisahnya, saya ni jenis takde goal in life pun, tapi lepas dapat diploma in UiTM, tetiba jadi perempuan yang berjiwa kental eechcehehhh! hahahaa! Waktu seminggu orientasi, memang lah penat dan bosan. Tapi I guess sebab new environment, new beginning. Waktu orientasi, diaorg brainwash kata one of the best universiti, senang dapat kerja, bla.. bla.. blaa... tapi one thing yang I remembered that changed me.. dia kata tak semua orang boleh masuk sambung blaja, so kene grateful. lagi satu dia kata, You have a new beginning, you can be whoever you want!

Waktu orientasi dengan MPP, takde masalah. Orientasi dengan wing pun takde masalah, orientasi dengan kolej dan dengan course pun takde masalah.

Orientasi dengan wing tu paling awesome! kte dapat tingkat 3, akak2 senior ni jenis sangat lah friendly and baik. memang tak buli langsung, siap ajak makan sekali. borak-borak tak ingat dunia. bila tanya pasal blaja pun diaorg ajar. baik sangat. and one of the senior jadi kawan baik sampai sekarang, dia salah seorang yang mengubah saya ke arah yang lebih positive. 

Kolej dengan course pun dah tak ingat dah apa orientasi dia. tapi that moment, orientasi tu memang change my life and serve it's purpose. 

Agaknya I'm blessed :) 

Thank you so much for helping me along the way :)

Alhamdulillah :')

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Embracing Your Flaws and Strength

It's been awhile since I'm writing again. 

Been busy, busy ke? hahahaa!

So I was eating lunch, I was watching the television and a Hindustan movie came up. Then I started to say, "Cantiknyaaaa Rani Mukherjee" and remembered how I'm jealous of my Indian colleague's eyelashes. Pergh! panjang! mata besar! melentik! 

Ada lagi seorang colleague dia features muka biasa je, tapi kaki dia cantik! means dia pakai kasut apa je pun sesuai. (eh! kenapa tetiba tulis BM nih?). 

There are some features of us that we wish it would be better. It gunanya make up! hahaha! Tapikan, God is fair! if Dia bagi something better, Dia akan bagi something that you need to improve. Ada kawan selalu kata, kesiannya tengok dia, ada orang buta dekat opis.. but the thing is,  I don't. Because he would have better thing than us. Maybe dia appreciate his lives more! maybe dia look everything more positive than us. Disable is not a flaw. It is a strength.

I have a deaf aunt, I love being with her! memang jarang jumpa dia. Tapi once jumpa even though she is deaf, I think she is super awesome! dia punya aura and positive-ness, I love being around her!


Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm Perfect

Is it weird, 

I always feel that I'm perfect. 
When you let me go, then it's your loss.

After graduate from Degree, I went for interview. At that point, I wanted Management Trainee position. I never thought that I would enjoy sales. So at some point, I was selected for the second interview with all other overseas graduates which most of them didn't know UUM existed. LOL! and at that time, I doubt myself.

It was one on one interview, and one of them was the head of contact centre asking me regarding working in sales and I pursuade her to give a chance to do it. Main reason was my parents who disagree me in sales as they say that everyone can do sales. 

When I was doing interview with this current job, I honestly mention that my parents would disagree on the job. But I said that I would convince them. And I'm still working in sales for 9 months! wehee! and I love them! 

So, it's your loss for not having me as your Management Trainee because I know I can do awesome things for your organisation! 

I'm being super positive. I don't know when I start to be this way. But it's creepy and scary and proud at the same time. :D

Once you let me go, you would loss a lot. An Awesome Friend. :)
Here are my picture. See! 
Cute too! hahahahahaha! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life is wonderful and magical

Hey guys, 

I'm feeling like writing my heart out. I'm not an awesome writer or even good grammar, as people may know why I have blog so I could put everything in here so I could put them and bury them as memories. The happy ones and the bad ones too. 

I'm watching The Fault in Our Stars and I'm crying non -stop for no reason. It make me thinking about life so much. I learn from my mistakes, but.. there are things that I took things for granted. Life. My life. 

Let me tell you something, 
The moment that I know you. I know you will be a huge mistake. Like Taylor Swift, I know. Cliche. I know that we won't be together, but I guess why I stayed because I hate to be awkward around friends. Because I couldn't find other group of friends to hang out with. You took something from me I hate you for it. I blame you for it. I guess it was the test and I FAILED miserably. 

I want it to end. End it now. As you wrote to the future me. The difference it, you will see the ghost. 

I'm strong, beautiful and optimistic. I know that I can do it! 

The End.l

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Birthday Celebration!

I would never thought that this year birthday would be awesome!

My normal birthday every year, would be wish on Facebook because they could see who's birthday today. Few years later, I hide the notification and see how many people would remembers my birthday. It would a few those who really close to me. and the day goes like that, nothing happened. Normal as they goes. and usually I won't be home during my birthday coz I'm in campus. 

The thing about me, it would be hard to do a surprise to me, because I notices everything. But I appreciated the effort :D

This two cakes are from Kinat, she said because for 3 years we celebrate both birthday at the same time, so this cake is for Semah and Me. :)

This cake is from my sister kinda of cake from my family :)

This is birthday feast at Murni Discovery with my lil sister :D

This is birthday card from my department with signatures from the top position of the office :D

 This is another cake from another job!

 Michelle gave this one! :3

 Hui Shan and Wen Yi

Birthday treat! A fancy one but I love it! super delicious!

I'm so lucky to be surrounded with awesome and great people like all of you. Thank you so much to celebrate my birthday! I'm so grateful, Alhamdulillah. :) 

Thank you for always being there when I needed you guys! :')

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