Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Growing Up

.. If you watched me grow up, you would be very proud of me. I am proud of myself though! LOL! :D

Some people, their age do increase every year, but they really stayed in their child minds. 

I'm blessed to met a lot of awesome people, giving me so much to think. Opened up to me in your own perspective. Even though, I don't really agree with you guys, I would just listen and trying to understand your perspective. 

Every single day, I met a lot of people. Talking to a lot of people. I feel you bro. :P

I know people would say, you should respect people to earn respect from them... but to get their is very heartbreaking. When you trying to be respectful to them, they don't to you. It hurt so bad.

I glad where ever I am. I learn so much on watching my words. I learn so much on not judging people. I learn not to be negative all the time. I learn not to think the worst thing about others. 

I've grown up. I hope you proud of me. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Different People, Different Perspective.

When you see your facebook friends posts pictures of him/her overseas with those branded products. What actually come to your mind?

Some people would say; oh! that is a nice design or good on him/her!
Some people would say; It must be nice to see those places!
Some people would say; you are showing off are you!
Some people would say; He/She would have a very good life, good for him/her.
Some people would say; I'm sick and tired to see all of your picture, I should block/hide/unfriend you!
Some people would say; I hate you *log out*
Some people would say; I want to go there some day.

So, what do you say?

I'll usually scroll down and said "meh"

Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm good...

... at pretending that I'm okay.

The fact that one day I'll find the opportunity to get a revenge. and the fact that it stays in my freakin head. 

"Please don't. Don't it it!" said the nicer part of me. 

.. and when the time comes, the evil part of me will take over automatically. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It may or may not came true

When I was a kid, I never bothered what future holds for me. What could wait for me. This actually continue until I end my form 5, before I get my placement in UiTM Johor, getting course that I never heard of. 

Going to university seems a normal thing to do, but a place I could see people with vision and have planned their future and how to get there. I always wasn't that person. When I was a kid, I even thought that I won't live that long to see what future is. Meeting with people and mingling seriously where they told what are the vision and future is, I realised that I can be whatever I wanted if I work for it. 

Later on, I started to fell in love with the subject and knowledge. Furthering my degree and actually finishing it. Growing up from diploma to degree, I have this vision of mine that I want to achieve. When people asks what I wanted to do, I have few of them. Few of paths that I could take. 

Graduating, this unemployment phase, searching for a job is very hard, especially what I wanted. I took up a selling license and got a job offer. Another financial institution. It is not a glamorous job. Still in sales. Which I would never take it seriously at first. When I met other candidates and the employee. Shows that this may be my platform to see how I cope with everything. It may not be my ideal job. Thinking what are my career goals, I started to see what I might be in the future. 

and it was my initial career path that I wanted. Hope this would be the best and I always know that everything happen for a reason. I always discover myself. and I really think I could handle the pressure. :) I'm a very weird person. and I told the interviewer that my future colleague could see me crying probably once a month. bhahaha. 

Till then, see ya later. :)

Monday, March 31, 2014


biar pun blog ni di-update sebulan sekali or sekali dalam dua bulan or dalam beberapa tahun pun. ada orang baca ke tak ke. biar. nanti rajin, baca balik le blog ni. 

pagi bangun sarapan. cuba teka sarapan apa! okay bye! hahaha.
tengok cerita Upin Ipin, kebetulan tak pernah tengok episode tu lagi. tapi dah lama terfikir pasal ni. Isu dalam fikiran berkaitan dengan Kak Ros. (tadi punya episode kak ros tu macam pelik).

Kak Ros adalah pelajar sekolah menengah. Adik kembar dia pergi tadika. Parents dia dah meninggal. Tinggal dengan opah dia. so, persoalan, dalam situasi macam tu, pelik kenapa kak ros bukan orang yang matang. mungkin untuk menceriakan plot ke tak sure. tapi pelik. jarak umur yang sangat jauh, kak ros macam budak2 tak berapa nak matang dengan adik-adik dia. Kalau apa-apa jadi dekat opah? 

Memang, Kak Ros nampak sayang adik dia. tapi cara dia macam tadi, opah bagi dia hadiah, dia halau adik-adik dia kata itu dia punya. tak macam... ??? entah. macam tak puas hati dengan karakter Kak Ros tu for no reason. bhahaha! 

tapi, persoalan lagi satu. Apa itu matang? haaaa! dah dari satu isu ke satu isu! hahahaha! google jap apa jawapan dia. okay, takde jawapan yang menarik. Matang itu boring? hehehe. Matang itu penting ke? siapa boleh mengaku dia matang? 

ok. kepala dah berasap nih. hahaha. bye! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tips Kemarau

oh my! lama gila tak update blog. punya malas. punya takde mood. punya ada masa banyak benor! hahahahaha! 

berikut adalah tips untuk jimat air sempena kemarau 2014; 
saya adalah orang yang paling pandai jimat air, sebab saya tak suka air. hahahahaa!

1. Mandi sekali sehari.
seperti saya, saya selalu mandi sekali sehari. mandi pagi, lepas tu, elak buat aktiviti yang berpeluh. see! jimat air. tapi lately, kene workout, kene mandi. kalau tak, haaa. bila busuk baru mandi. heee.

2. Jangan pakai shower.
sebenarnya, dekat rumah pipe rumah bocor, so dah lama pakai tong sampah besar dibuat jadi tempat tadahan air. hahhahaa. jadi, jimat lagi. 

3. Elakkan tanam pokok.
sebab bila tanam pokok, kene siram. hahahaa! 

4. Takyah basuh kuali or pinggan
haaaa. membasuh pun menggunakkan air!

5. Elak flush toilet...
kalau buat bisnes kecik tu, oh! kalau pakai toilet tu kau sorang je guna! hehehe. kalau duduk public toilet, tolonglah flush. hahahaha! pastu nak elak bau, tak payah amek caffeine and minum air kosong banyak2. takde bau. :P

6. Pakai baju sampai busuk baru basuh.
kalau sape kerja dekat opis dengan aircond, boleh la recycle baju sampai keluar bau busuk baru basuh. hehehe. sekarang pun saya sama, pakai baju rumah sampai bau, pastu baru basuh. kumpul baju banyak-banyak pastu baru washing machine. :)

Akhir sekali, minum air banyak-banyak.
mari kita berdoa hujan banyak-banyak! 

stay indoor! 

Monday, December 16, 2013


OMG! lama benor tinggalkan blog ni. punyalah malas nak update! 
but yeah! ini update lama punya!

haritu 11-Dec-2013 (11-12-13)
confirm ramai kawen and ramai tunang.
so, I did this..

abaikan yesterday. Facebook memang macam tu. I received several phone call yang tak nak angkat. hahaha! nanti di-bombard dengan soalan pelik-pelik. so, by the time 9.00pm.. keluarkan statement ini...

hehehe. Those who actually really know me that I like pranks. :)
and a small price to pay, kawan pun dapat call tanya, "ehhh.. fiqa tunang?"

Friday, November 8, 2013


This is a very rare occasion.
hahaha. Things I want to remember. :D
because I won't remember this after few months. 

Of course, when you see this, this is not a close friends, close friends don't say those words. He is called acquaintance of mine in campus. :D
His friends cook a very good food! gahhh!!