Friday, September 20, 2013

Fundamental of Afiqah #8

It's been awhile class. :)

I'm too lasy even to update this blog.

today's topic is regarding "descent". My descent. 
Not all, but friends would know that I'm actually half Malay, half Chinese. ok, maybe I've mentioned before. My mom is 100% Chinese. She was adopted by a Malay family.

Few year ago, my mom and her twin sister met with their biological family. And "wow"! I can't even remember my current aunts, uncles and cousins, I have additional more family members! It was interesting. 

When I was a kid, I remembered, when I was in Standard 3 (9 years old), my mom told me that she is actually a Chinese and my reaction was, "mehhh".. hahahaha! I really don't care much. but we are living as a Malay culture. None of us could speak chinese. 

Growing up, I have a least a chinese friend around, kindergarten, primary school and high school. End up, I do have a very close Chinese friend, Michelle. :D

so, yeah, my mom is Chinese with a surname "Cheah. She have 12 siblings, she is #12! They are from Teo Chew Clan! My mom family knew that their 2 twins sister is adopted by a Malay family, the moment my mom's twin sister met her older sister, she asked whether they separated them both. and the answer is no. both are adopted in the same family. 

Few months later, we celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time as a biological family. They are very friendly and they accepted us they we are. Yes we have different religion. Some of them are Christian and more of them are Buddhist. some of them are vegetarian. We are fine with that. 

my parents told me when they went over to my mom's brother house, they actually wanted to pray to their parents that they had found their two little sisters :')  one of her brother actually cried. And whenever there are Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, we celebrated. 

and yeah. that is Malaysia. If you started with the racists things, we are already transformed into some kind of hybrid. hahahaha. so you can't judge us by our race or our religion. deal with it!

and our Chinese family speaks cantonese. GREAT! Even my mandarin is getting rusty!! I don't speak cantonese, but I understands them.

oh well, done with my very very very long lecture. 

OK! Class dismissed. 

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