Sunday, December 27, 2009

I want to see the truth.

I haven't think for my new year's resolution yet.
but, I have this new interest.

Since I was a kid, people always lie to me.
then, when I entered UiTM, where I faced the reality.
Liar is everywhere,
Pretender is everywhere.
now, I'm interested in Micro-expression and body language.

I hoped that I could see the truth.
I hoped that I could hear people thoughts like "Matt Parkman in Heroes".
Like "Toby Logan in The Listener".

nite ^_^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it a crime?

Last Sunday,
went to a showcase promoting "Tao Hua Xiao Mei".
to see 5 hot guys. At Sg.Wang.

of course the place will be crowded with chinese ma.
then, people will start staring at you. awkwardly.

Those people who are friendly enough would say,
"eh, hai. you came to see who?"

but those will also ask these question,
"you malay come to see chinese guys ah?"
"you can understand wan ar?"

they'll just insulted you in their languages.

I thought we should be open minded about these things?
There are a lot of malays and indians and other races can speak chinese also ma.
I have chinese friends that can speak fluent in Malay without the slang also ma.

is it that weird?
we are the multi race country.
haven't you encounter at least one?

if I lazy to "layan" you,
I'll answer "because now is 1Malaysia la."
Be open minded okay. <--"I'm talking to myself" hahaha~

I enjoys the facial expression when people shocked what you able to do.

caught, guilty.
hoping this entry would not bring anyone's rage.
just think about it.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lemak-Lemak Go Away?

hehe~ tadi makan brunch,
roti bakar + mentega + kaya.. = d..

pastu kat tv3 ada wanita hari ini,
host dia ada mention pasal makanan yg membakar lemak.
"ada ke?? hohoho~ nk check kat internet lah"
dgn sepantas kilat ke petir? pegi check kat internet.

sini dan sini
korg gi lah tgk kat website yg dah di linkkn ini utk lagi byk gmbr, dan information.
malas nk attach gmbr. so gi je la tgk link tu.

ini adalah listnya:
1. Bawang Putih - suka2.
2. Epal - malas nk makan ^_^
3. Kacang Soya - makan kacang?? soya?? tak penah kot.
4. Buahan citrus seperti oren, anggur dan lemon - oh, oren..= d
5. Asparagus - org msia mcm jarang mkn asparagus
6. Taugeh - This is Fav.!!!!
7. Lobak Merah - makan je. tak fanatic sgt.
8. Celeri - tak silap rasa dia tak sedap
9. Timun - ini pun fav jgk.
10. Tomato - tomato pun boleh2 la mcm kwn.
11. Oat - bila dah lapar sgt, n nak jimat duit kat campus.
12. Kobis - pun suka jgk, kat benteng intan n dining susah nk jumpa
13. Teh Hijau - malas nk bancuh, ps:AZRINA!! minum la teh!! hehee~
14. Bawang Merah - pun makan jgk.

Jadi rakan2, sila lah makan makanan yg sihat. hahaa~
utk menjamin kesihatan di masa dpn.

tajuk Wanita Hari Ini tadi "makanan yg merangsang nafsu"
huhu~ tak menarik. jadi online main game lagi best.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fundamental of Afiqah #2

hari ni, hari ahad. takpe. kte buat je class ea.

hari ni punye lesson is about. Music.

"Gmbr, ni amek kat google je."

Music and My Life
basically, none of my family members yg kecik2 dihantar ke tuition music.
tapi background my father, ada background music.
my late grandfather is a musician but not that famous one. One thing, is he really LOVES music.
my father dulu2 dia ada band dia sendiri. main kat mane2 diaorg boleh.
my dad boleh main saxophone and guitar. and he didn't learn from his father.
dia blaja dari someone else. my grandfather tak ajar sgt anak2 dia in music.
my dad kata,
"dulu atuk kata, kalu nk blaja, blaja sendiri jgn harap atuk nk ajar"

Tapi music came to us jugak.
my brother can play flute and maybe others instruments. dia dulu masuk pancaragam.
my both sisters now picking up piano.
me, dulu ada blaja violin tapi dah lama tinggalkan. hehee~

actually nk citer pasal my fav. genre of music.
I like hip hop.

dulu waktu kecik2 sibuk la dgn boybands mcm 911, N'sync, BSB..
but I was introduced hip hop by my neighbour,
the first hip hop artist "Eminem".
Tak la sgt la suka Eminem,
then tak lama tu, sibuk dgn "Meteor Garden",
I met Wilber Pan Wei Bo that tv3. haha~

then cerita "My MVP Valentine" dia punye soundtrack yg di nyanyi kan oleh "5566"
yg originally dari "Shinhwa" then, terjerumus dalam K-Pop.

then, skrg suka lagu yg fast beat and hip hop.

not a fan of rock. mcm azrina ^_^

skrg suka sgt lagu Through My Window by Bunkface. T_T

p/s: suka randomly menari mcm org bodo. hahaa~ slalunye dlm rumah and siram pokok (kat luar) sbb that time I was wearing Mp3.

so, the class ends now.


Friday, December 11, 2009


*comel kan???!!!*

I need to motivate myself before the semester start.
like always,
maybe I should start thinking for my new year resolution.

Don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist. Cause blame is a slutty word.

Ex-planation, ex-ecution, ex-cuse share the same 'ex'.
"Excuses by Epik High"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you want to travel, go here.

List of the safest country in the world
from here

5. Japan
4. Ireland
3. Denmark
2. New Zealand
1. Norway

And if you want to go here, think twice
and from here

5. Russia
4. Venezuela
3. Jamaica
2. South Africa
1. Colombia

Entah kenapa update blog pasal ni..hahahaa~

rasanya, kat bumbung ni ada tinggal sekeluarga musang,
bile kte tdo, kte bley dgr ada bunyi2 mcm anak musang tu main batu seremban guna batu kat atas ni.
aritu, BabyMegat dia tdo bilik parents kte, dia tdo terkejut2 sbb musang tu main batu seremban.
mungkin mak dia ada masak kot. (musang tu).
tapi tak penah jumpa ngn musang tu. agak2 diaorg makan buat epal tak?

FYI: kte tdo kat bilik parents kte sbb diaorg gi Haji. hehehee~

Monday, December 7, 2009

He made my sadness and pain go away temporarily.

(pictures retrieved from

I don't care whether his married or not,
but seeing his face made me excited and smile right away.
hoping that my future husband (tetiba) will make me feel this way,
hoping that I'll find someone like him. (jumpa je. nothing more than that.)

I know, I live in the fantasy land. hahahaa~
but who cares, the important part is I'm happy to see Jensen Ackles.
He is my imaginary perfect guy!! ^_^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fundamental of Afiqah #1

When I'm stressed or being pressured things that I usually do:-
  1. Expressing myself at my private blog "MY BLOODY DIARY" which contain all my secrets and my true feeling. That blog is so ex-rated, so no one should view it. hehee~
  2. listen to MP3 as loud as my ear can take and sing like I'm the only one who exist. My MP3 which contains korean and mandarin songs only, which the lyrics "saya main taram je!!" So, the sound would not sound that plesant.
  3. cursing in Mandarin about it. This depends on movie that I'm currently watching. Like now, I'm watching mandarin drama "MoMo Love", so most of the disagreement I will use in Mandarin. simple words. Why? because I did not have any rights to voice out my opinion, so I kept it to myself.
  4. go for jogging at the top floor of my house. At the top level of my house, there is a "thing"( I don't know what it called). I usually run on it (but IT is not treadmill). Usually, when I'm stressed, the speed are usually more faster but still within 20 mins until 25mins.
  5. Lastly, I'll cry my lungs out. The last resort is, crying my lungs out. until there is no more tears.
  6. then, stare at picture of JENSEN ACKLES smiling. Then I'll smile too!! hehee~

when I comment on posts where have smiley icons. like ^_^ I usually make the same expression when typing it. hehe~

today lesson ends today,
stay tuned for more "Fundamental of Afiqah #2"
See you soon.
Any question or comment leave it below, I'll repond to my students. ^_^


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Suddenly I Remembered~

saya tau,
post kali ni,
akan buat korg simpati (atau tidak).
tapi bukan motif nk mintak simpati. mmg kenyataan.
tapi tadi tgh sapu daun2 kering kat luar. (ok, pahala dah takde dah sbb bgtau sume org. lantak la)
kte teringat
"Kenapa kte tak suka kuar rumah ea? sedangkn dulu2 rajin gile main kat luar ngn jiran2"

"sbb dulu2, dikecikkn2 oleh mak sendiri pasal, tak leh main kat luar dah."
"sbb waktu tu badan dah berubah, biasa la budak perempuan"
tapi yg penting. kte je yg kene, sbb kte je yg paling berisi dlm rumah ni. (dulu)

adik penah marah kte kat dlm bilik persalinan baju
"ko ni, tak penah nk bagi sokongan kat aku!"

waktu dlu kecik,
kte takde sape2 yg bg galakkn pun sbb akk kte tak suka kte waktu kecik,
abg mane kesah,
adik tak phm ape2. dan kte pun bodoh gile, ape pun keep to yourself,
lama2 jadi introvert.
mak garang gile waktu kecik.
kte dikawal tak boleh kwn dgn org ngn org tu.
lama2 kte tak de kawan pun.
kte pun ikut je la ape yg mak ckp.

adik patut bersyukur sbb at least dia boleh cerita2 ngn akk dia.
dgr dia merungut.

saya bersyukur dpt masuk SMKSBU n UiTM Johor.
Bersyukur yg at least parents saya ada lagi.
ada sumber rezeki.
ada adik beradik.
ada rumah.
ada kawan2
dan masih hidup.

Anak yg nakal tapi comel~

tadi, konon2nye nk cari buku resepi mama,
sbb syadia kata nak masak ape tah. tapi tak jumpa pun (T_T)
tapi terjumpa diary lama bpk ku yg pada tahun 1974 waktu umur beliau 20 tahun.

kat depan tu tulis "top secret, jgn baca"
tapi anak dia nakal, curious nk tau ada ape je.
baca la diary papa tu.
tapi takde benda yg secretnye.
kalu baca diary kte!!!
hah!! lagi la. haha~ nanti ingt ni la bdk paling jahat dlm dunia ni.. hahaha~

tapi most of the content of the diary,
"went to library and the library closed at 5pm"
"today lesson is......"
dan diary ini ialah bahasa ingerris ye! hehee~
tapi jenuh baca, last2 tu tak baca pun. selak2 je.
bosan kot. pasal baca "the times" sume.

kesimpulan dari ape yg kte peliknye.
Zaman dahulu2 ni, masa dia banyak sgt ke?
sbb kan bpk kte, dia ada masa pegi library tiap2 hari.
dia sempat main sports. sepak takraw, badminton sume.
dia sempat lepak ngn kengkawan sume kat stall ape tah.
dia sempat borak2 n pegi picnic ngn member sekola dia.
dia sempat practice music dia punye saxophone n guitar.
mcm dia dah achieve almost everything in his life than me.

beliau dah ada master in management. (walaupun start degree lama sket sbb dia part time, takde duit.)
dah ada kereta yg berjenama,
anak dah 4.
anak dia sorg dah blaja oversea. (double degree)
anak dia sorg bakal dpt master.
ada sorg isteri cina. hahaha!!

diary tu tak menarik sgt, sbb tu la letak merata2 tempat!!
owh!! satu lagi.
lelaki pun ada masa dia takde mood ea?
dduk diam tak ckp ape2?
hurm... mcm pompuan nk dtg bulan?

pastu, dlm diary tu ada expenses dia beli ape tiap2 kali dia spend duit.
hoh! sbb tu dia jadi pegawai bank kot.

shh... jgn bagitau bpk kte tau!! hehehe~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Khidmat Negara/National Service

update kali ni,

paling memerlukan usaha.



tgh tgk citer "My Fair Lady" ( korean drama )

terdapat satu kemusykilan disitu.


kenapa pelakon dia, yg sudah berumur 32 tahun,

badan masih mantap?

*ini lah pelakon yg dah berumur 32 tahun!!*

terang-terang jawapannya ialah "Khidmat Negara".

Pada pendapat saya (cheh -.-!! mcm buat karangan), semua lelaki perlu diwajibkan pegi khidmat Negara, kenapa??


  1. Perasan tak yang org kat sekeliling kte sume badan sedap-sedap? (ckp org, dia pun sama). Okla paling dekat la. Kat tempat korg blajar, sape je badan hot mcm Jensen Ackles? Haha~ mcm takde org lain je. (sikit2 jensen). Salah satu sebab ialah SIHAT. Sekarang org umur dlm 40 dah sakit mcm2, darah tinggi, sakit jantung dan sebagainya.

  1. kenapa Negara kte ada “Mat Rempit”?? (ke maybe kte je yg tak tau Negara lain pun ada mat rempit??). Sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu MEMBENTUK PERSONALITI diri masing-masing. Lelaki akan jadi ketua keluarga, pemimpin Negara, kalu tak de sifat kepimpinan, mane kte nk maju dan jauh mana kte boleh pergi??

  1. Selain daripada itu, *laughing loudly* MUNGKIN dapat merapatkan lagi PERPADUAN SESAMA KAUM. Bagi sesiapa yang bersekolah di sekolah yg semuanya melayu, cina dan india sahaja mungkin tak kenal sgt bangsa-bangsa lain jadi inilah waktunya!! Hehee~ menarik tau culture bangsa lain belajar utk menerima orang lain yg lain dari kita.

  1. Kite rasa ada ramai orang kat luar sana, yg inginkan perubahan dlm diri mereka. Mereka hanya memerlukan org mendorong kepada perubahan. Insyaallah akan berubah ke arah yang baik. Khidmat Negara dapat MENDORONG PERUBAHAN kepada individu. Mudah-mudahan amin.

Macam ada lagi, tapi tak dapat pikir pulak. Hehehe~

Ye, mmg la korg akan kata "tak semestinya org gemok sakit, org kurus sihat?" setuju dgn fakta mcm tu. Saya pun overweight ok! *bangga pulak mengaku (T_T)*

tapi kalu kite cuba utk maintain weight dan amalkan pemakanan yg sihat, sakit ape pun Insyaallah akan sembuh. kan??!!

Tapi kena berkesan program khidmat Negara, kena ada improvement, quality tu yang penting. Asyik2 ada taun la ni la tu la. There is always room for improvement. Ada paham?!?!!!

Apa pendapat korg pulak?

Kalu pnjg sgt nk bubuh kat comment box ni,

Tinggalkan URL blog kamu dan saya baca nanti ye!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Remember November

house chores.
tgk citer my fair lady

parents takde.
tapi berat badan naik jgk.

baru lepas berlari (guna mesin berlari kat atas)
dgn kelajuan 16.5kmh selama 22 mins.

sekarang hujan.
nak mandi la (mandi dlm bilik air. bukan mandi hujan)

I'm fine now.
feeling okay.
maybe after that particular time.

"blog, awak tak kwn dgn blog kte yg lagi satu ke?"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


a slight update about my birthday.
celebrated at 1 utama,
and that was the first time I was there.
eating carl's junior = d..
watching "cloudy meatball"

enough of that,
why am I updating my blog in English?
because I've watch hell a lot of American series;
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Heroes
  • Gossip Girl
  • Supernatural
  • Psych
That is a lot series I'm watching,
if I'm currently watching the chinese drama,
I'll probably update blog using chinese!! hahahaa~

today my right hand hate my left hand so much.
my right hand purposely cut my left fingers.
the first time, no blood
the second time. 0_o.
a lot. yummy. = d...
It feels so good.
I may cut them tomorrow too!!

it's the holiday.
maybe I should be the co-star at "Supernatural".
I want to suck Dean Winchester's blood!! haahaa~


Rarely updating this blog.
my brain crashed.
so, I'll updating my Xanga!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

muka buku

mmg saya addicted dgn muka buku (FACEBOOK)

tapi check this out!
best!!! tekan2!!!

ni tgk breakfast show dekat NTV7.
tak smpat nk tulis pnjg,
sbb nak kena siap pegi jumpa dentist ^_^

tapi about 6 short stories about facebook.
menarik~ diaorg ada buat play.
of course saya tak boleh pegi~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009




Di Saat-Saat Akhir

di saat-saat akhir utk bertempur dgn paper last sekali.
Doakan semoga saya dpat A. (walaupun sedikit mustahil)

Slalu mcm ni,
dah ada byk benda nk update.
tapi bile bukak,
dah lupe dah nk update ape!!
tua tua.


yea!! CUTI!!!
bestnye CUTI!!!
tak sabar nak CUTI!!!
mari ramai2 kte CUTI!!!

tak sabar utk tak buat ape2.
kte rasa mcm ada benda nk update la.
dah lupe dah.

ape2 pun. GUDLUCK!
doakan ramai2 soalan biar senang.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


sometimes this feeling come back again.

I miss "that" feeling,
when will I feel it again?
addictive like FACEBOOK.

Love it or hate it, you hate it but you love it
-Korean Dream by G Dragon (Big Bang)-


oh! I got new few crush.
bump into a hot guy at the library,
but I never met him again.

and the long lost childhood memory.
I wished I met him again,
with the same image that I imagined.

oh! celebrity crush!
Milo Ventimiglia.

*if google sendiri, akan jumpa byk gmbr Milo............ 8-D*
tak berani nk upload gmbr yg tu. hahaha~

but still have the same crush with:

it this called normal??

Friday, November 6, 2009

Diserang Kelkatu

tadi kene serang kelkatu.

tadi kononnye buat clearance (tau2 lambat lagi nak balik)
hehe, tapi dh buat dah!! korg takleh nk complain!!!
tinggal satu paper lagi. insurance, harap2 senang,
sume org doakan SKRG!! hehee~
main2 je.

tadi tgh clearance,
kte pakai mask H1n1 tu. sbb nanti bersin smpi esok. maklumlah,

pastu pegi toilet, pakai mask tu sbb nk basahkn tuala burok.
pastu on the way back nak balik bilik tu,
tertembung dgn bdk wing sblh kot.
diaorg pandang atas bwh, tapi kte pandang je lantai tu.

sekali bile kte kat dpn bilik amy kte dgr,
"eh? kenapa ngn bdk tadi tu?" yg jln blkg tu tnye.
"entah, dia kene h1n1 kot" yg jln dpn tu berkata..
kte gelak kuat2.*smbil jln*
pastu ckp kuat2. "KALU YE PUN, BILE JAUH SKET LA CKP MCM TU!!"

joke of the day for me.
hehee~ dah kemas2 tapi dlm 60% jer.
tak sabar nk balik. nak lepak je.
tak buat ape2.

bile bulat nak dtg nih??
ingtkn bau kucing.
rupanya bau tahi burung!!!!
fail!! dlm bau membau nih!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is blog?

Well, this is few definition that I retrieved from internet,

"A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger at Thousands of people use services such as Blogger to simplify and accelerate the publishing process. Blogs are alternatively called web logs or weblogs. However, "blog" seems less likely to cause confusion, as "web log" can also mean a server's log files.
(source..... marketingterms)"

"The word Blog is short for web log. Basically a Blog is just an area set aside you to write articles that can easily be accessed with a special program called a RSS reader. In case you're wondering RSS stands for real simple syndication."

": a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site"

"A blog (a contraction of the term "web log")[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (Art blog), photographs (photoblog), videos (Video blogging), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.(wikipedia)"

"A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links."

For me,
blog is a place that I could be myself,
express myself, doesn't need anyone recognition, just myself,
my thoughts. myself.

It is another way for me, to read and understand others feeling and thoughts.
from there we could expand our minds and except the criticism.
Learn to improve, learn to accept. learn to live.
If others couldn't except that,
stop reading blogs especially THIS BLOG!

Sedangkan tgh final,
sempat update blog panjang menjela. hehee~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everyday is a chocolate day

a song title of a mandarin singer, Stella Huang.

I started to crave for chocolates.
I'm in a big trouble!
I haven't get my mind to start study yet.
Gosh, I really need to start now!
but I can't forced myself to do that.
I have to make sure my mind is set.

there is another assignment to finished it,
and I'm started to laze around.



seems I'll less update my blog.
since I can't write everything in this blog.
I'll be updating my XANGA blog.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Org lain tak tau

sebenarnya bz buat assignment,
tapi terasa nak tulis jgk entry.

mcm mane nk ckp ea?
benda ni sume kena tapis la.

Things happen for a reason,
I believe in that statement.
nak tulis satu statement
tapi bahaya takut masuk ISA pulak.

kalu u have doubts or question,
why not raise your hand and speak up??
kalu mcm ni, mane nk maju??
tak akan kemana2 lah mcm tu.

sume bz nk final,
ramai tak update blog kecuali ummul yg gile rajin.

I admit,
bile kte balik rumah, I'll stay that age mcm umor 12tahun.
I'll act gile childish.
tapi, bile kat sini, dah tak sgt,
kenapa?? sbb kte kenal ramai org.
and everyone have their own perspective and I respect for that.
someone that make me change so much.
- Nur Amirah Akmar Abdan
- Anisa binti Amer
- Siti Hasmah (dah tak ingt la k.asma!! nama bpk k.asma~)
- rasanya ada lagi, tapi rasa nye dah left out name.

tapi bahaya list out names sbb nanti ada org rasa neglected.
but sume kwn2 yg kte pernah tegur or borak dan berkawan.
I really appreciate it.thank you for have that conversation with me.

random things in my head:
there are only 2 person in DIIA part 05 that I don't know.
most of them, dah kenal and dah ingt nama. hehee~ especially gurls.
tapi yg 2 org yg kte tak kenal tu gurls la.. huhu~
dah unexpectedly yg kte ingt ramai org punye nama. hehee~

dulu saya mcm korg gak.

shut up shut up shut up shut up.. bla bla bla bla... -EPIK HIGH-

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


since 1pm there is no electricity

pegi class pun takde electrik,
tapi ada quiz fin320,
so, tak kesah la.. lepak ngn azrina kat benteng smpi kul 6.30pm.

hujan. best2 sejuk.
hari dah gelap,
tapi takde elektrik jgk,
mandi dlm gelap. tapi nasib baik bwk torch light.

bdk2 uitm sume dah kuar ada yg balik ade yg kuar cari cahaya..

mula2nya tak nak,
tapi jiran bilik dpn ajak pegi hotel,
boleh guna laptop ngn charge segala2nya.
5 org pun pegi la.
skrg kat hotel pelangi,
smbil buat assignment.

and noticed something,
TV terbukak tapi tak tgk sgt,
byk sgt citer2 hantu yg tak mendatangkan moral of story langsung,
termasuk "SUPERNATURAL"( tapi tu takpe sbb ada jensen ackles yg HOTT!!!)

and of course,
bila electric takde, sume benda tak boleh buat,
hurm, mcm mane org zaman seblum kte boleh hidup.
mcm mane org pedalaman boleh hidup??

ngtuk rasa mcm nk tdo...
dijangka elektik ada di uitm tu pukul 2 pagi.. hehee~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


shawl ni, boleh di dapati di sini, disebabkan ramai puji shawl lawa, (SHAWL JE EA) hehe~
kte tak beli ni,
kte amek je.. hehee~ selain dari ni, kte suka jgk shawl belang2 kaler merah tu. hehee~ semuanya. kte amek.. hehee~ shawl ni, mmg kte dah suka dari first time dia smpi rumah. minggu ni kte dh pakai dia 2 kali!!!! hahahahhaa~

blog ni layout dah tukar. simple n lawa. hehehee~
n lagi convienent. silalah kujungi blog tersebut. mane lah tau. korg suka. hehehe~
saje nk promote...

*ini owner blog tu (pakai shawl oren), kucing caler hitam putih yg sgt comel. hehehe~ geram gile dgn dia!! nak bela??!!!! boleh la.... *
kte amek dia kat ara damansara ea??!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost comes to the end

pejam celik pejam celik,
semester dah nak abes,
dah nak dkt dgn final.

tapi preparation rasanya blum lagi. 500%
kejap je rasanya.

next sem dah last semester,
tak tau la sedih ke gembira.

mungkin sedih sbb akan berpisah dgn kwn2.
mungkin gembira sbb mulanya bab baru. dalam buku memori ni.

sibuk sepnjg minggu study FIN320.
huhu~ penat2. tapi best.
sbb mengira,
bukan membaca.

cuti semester kali ni,
pastinya akn berlainan.
sbb parents pegi menunaikan haji.
dah semestinya kteorg je kat rumah.

broadband ni sgtlah lembab.
dan belum tgk lagi supernatural yg season 5 walaupun dah abes dwld.

takde conflict sgt.
kesian kat blog ni,
dia mesti rasa sepi,
sbb fiqa tak tulis blog utk dia.
"blog, jgn risau ea. fiqa ada. kalu ada pape, just call. no ada kan??. hehe~"
maybe kte patut bagi blog ni nama??? hehee~

takut nanti jadi mcm blog ummul,
dia makan entry ummul. 2 plak tu.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dedicated to all of you out there.

hoping the previous entry you've read it.

I feeling thAt I want to dedicated this entry to all my friends.
was my friend & still my friends

through out my life,
I met a lot of friends and all kind of people.
new surroundings every time.
but I still hoping there is a lot of good friends out there.
not for me, but for everyone else.
because I already have mine.
always be there when I'm happy and sad.

I can remember my kindergarden friends.
and constantly bumped into each other
when I was in high school and now in uitm.

my elemantary school at SKBTR, at facebook and reunion.
and even in uitm also.

my high school friends,
which still in contact.

and my university diploma friends.

I may remember you and may not.
I may remember the memories spend with you and may not.
well, I have every big brain but I used it very little partion of it.

we might quarelling a lot.
we might have hard times together
or maybe just like normal friends

Every time, I met a person that I called a friend,
I'll assume that I am your friend
and what ever hard times you had,
you can just find me,
but if you don't trust me, (DONT COME AND FIND ME YA!)=D

All I want to say is,
for every one of you that know me,
that I put your title as my friend.
what ever age differ or gender.
I do have older and younger friends.
maybe you not reading this.
but I just want you to know.

that I really really appreciate you exist in my life
and be part of my memories (hidden memories)


lets be friends to death tear us apart.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dedicated to you,

Dedicated to you,

I don't know why,
lately you are haunting my mind.
but, you give me a happy and sweet memories.
I just can remember all the sweet and happy things only,
you the only one for now

even, we quarel and sulking,
I do think it is very amuzing.

but I never get to tell you that,
seriously thank you for the all sweet memories.
even you may have other bad memories.

but I don't..
have any.

I could actually list it all..
hehe~ but not in details.

yeah, I understand.
every thing have come to end.
nothing lasts forever.

*ok, lepas ni entry lain pulak. hehehee~
*perlu ke bubuh nama?? hurm. takyah la..
nak ke? sbb dia ni blur sgt. entry ni khas ditujukan utk dia.
buat kali terakhir dan yg lain akan jadi memori.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bdk baik?

tajuk benggong..
tapi takde kena mengena,

smlm balik rumah sbb nak kena buat assignment ENT300..
harini pegi damansara. aman suria.
pegi kedai dobi. smartwash pukul 11.

kte smpi awal sbb terima kasih kepada encik khalid punye HP baru yg ada navigator.
so, kami tak sesat dgn teruknye.
jumpa Kak leen n partner.(encik Zali)
mmg dapat sokongan dan khidmat penuh dgn kerjasama.
ni baru nk respect org dewasa!! sbb layan kteorg.

kte takde camera sbb adik kte guna.
so, takde gmbr ar.
tapi mmg membantu sungguh dgn lawatan kali ni.
mmg nampk gmbran yg lebih jelas.

assignment fin327 tak siap lagi
dgn test yang tak bersedia lagi.. huhu~
baru tau hari ni, yang masuk topic 7,8 dan 9.

owh, ada benda yg tak puas hati kat sini,
takde kena mengena dgn lawatan tadi.

ada la...
We are part of you guys,
but we never get any information.
this is something.
I never felt so left out like this b4.
thank you for being so selfish everyone!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to the reality

Tajuk post dlm english,
entry bahasa malaysia.. (>w<)


back to campus.
kena cari motivasi and be very busy tau!
sbb nanti dah start lepak
then lari dari the main purpose you being here.

mmg kena kurangkan lepak
sbb nanti dah start naik MALAS!!! huhu~

kononnya nk start study.
tapi tak gerak2 dari tadi.
tapi ada la sikit benda buat.
hehee~ berkaitan dgn pelajaran lah

pegi tgk citer "How I Met Your Mother" pulak!!! (T_T)
skrg dah malas, nak pegi tdo.

huhuhu~ nak gayut telepon,
tapi takde sape. huhuhuhuhuuu~

oklah. nitez!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Holiday is Bad for YOU


holidays are very bad for you lar!!!

serious!!! membazir masa spnjg hari,
assignment (buat SIKIT) serious sikit.
lagi tak pegang..

mmg sentiasa cuak. nanti masuk je ada test yg sgt byk!!!

berat, nasib baik dia tak naik dgn mendadak.. hehee~
sayang awak la berat badan. hehehe~
dia naik sket je.. heheheee~
(sekali korg nmpk kte balik cmpus next week,
"FIQA!!!! DAH NAIK SGT2!! hahahaaaa)

saya sgt teruk.
maaf. kepada diri sendiri.. huhuhu~

mood holiday mmg tgh melanda..
takde langsung mood study. huuhuuuuuu..
takutnya. takut prestasi teruk. huhuuhuhuuuu~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Belated Raya

malas gila nk update blog sbenarnya.
hari raya pertama,
balik kampung kat ipoh perak.
tapi bile dah pukul 9mlm,
balik KL balik.
entah. bpk kte yg nak balik sgt.

tapi dh beraya,
makan rendang tok kat rumah mak long ngn wan dah mmg the best lah!!
seriously, mmg sedap!!!

balik Ipoh aritu naik 2 kete.
kete bpk ngn abg,
mcm biasa,
kena ikut abg yg ada syadia ngn kte..

FYI, abg keje kat kilang CIMA buat cement,
dia engineer kat sana,
dia ada glove ngn mask yg dari "niosh"
yang mmg high kualiti.. hehee~
akhirnya, dlm perjalanan nak pegi beraya rumah org kat Ipoh tman meru...
abg dia nk naik gila (mungkin terlebih lemang dan ketupat)

*dia drive guna benda nih.. n ada org tenung dgn peliknya*

*dipaksa tgkp gmbr ngn syadia.. hahaha*

hari raya kedua,
kteorg the whole day pegi rumah ke rumah sanak saudara yg kat KL n Selangor.

hari raya ketiga,
ddk rumah,
baru skrg ada mood nk buat assignment HR n ENT,
insyaallah by today mlm or petang baru siap... hehee~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ditujukan kepada semua orang.

Gambar ni diambil dari internet,
sape yg buat ni. kte guna ye!! hehee~ lawa~

hari raya dah menjelang
maaf zahir dan batin..
kalu ada singgung perasaan orang lain. MAAF sgt2x.

kalu kte buat lagi,
silalah tegur.
kdang2 kte tak perasan.

manusia slalu buat kesalahan tanpa disedari.
saya meminta maaf kepada semua,
termasuk lecturer2, rakan2, guru2.. kucing2x sekalian.
sbb dah menyinggung perasan...

bukan kte sorg je yg cakap dgn kucing!!!!!
dan kte bukan sorg je yg mintak diaorg doakan smbil bagi makanan!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Liking This

It's been 5 or maybe 6 days I haven't update my blog.

I'm miss these days,
where, I'm still in my pajamas (^_^),
haven't taken any bath yet.
and doing nothing!! and I know now is already 4.30pm~

facing my laptop and internet the moment I woke up!!!
Liking this moment!!

It's been stressed this semester,
With myself, with books, exam, everything.
this semester is not as easy as before,
and I started to think what will happen next semester..
I have to prepare!! or else I'll be a dead meat!

I'm stressing myself until I lost 3kg XD
yes, I know, I like losing my weight.. but still not until my targeted weight.. = (
but I'm worried for Raya to come, coz I know that I'll be eating everything!!! huhu~

I'm lazy to upload my picture since this is my blog.
You guys can't complain!! hehe~

oh yea!!! I've watched GOSSIP GIRL season 3!!
hehe.. All new look (but not all)
nice hair rufus!

Friday, September 11, 2009

nak pegi ke tak??? *edited*

kali ni punye dugaan berpuasa,

class ganti spree!!
sepnjg minggu, huhu~

tau, lecturer pun penat gak kan?
bukan kte (studnt) je penat.
lecturer kena diri,
student duduk je.
tapi ada satu je yg lain dari lain..
bilik lecturer ada air-cond. bilik student tak de. (kecuali utk MPP)

lecturer kalu tak larat buat laundry boleh hantar dobi.
diaorg boleh buat seminggu skali,
sbb diaorg ada income,
kite student, income dari parents.

sabtu ahad lecturer boleh balun tdo selama 2 hari.
ni kalu lecturer single je. yg ada anak tu.... susah sket.
kte ada activiti kolej sabtu ni.

lecturer balik rumah naik kete.
saya tak de kete or lesen. muahahaahaa!!

tapi mmg sangat letih.
tak sangka. penat yg teramat mcm ni rasanya.
pegi class tak boleh tumpu perhatian.
alarm handphone tak dgr langsung.
sahur asyik terlajak.
baju bertimbun nk basuh.
nanti rabu ni nak balik naik train, tak larat.

dlm kepala ni penuh dgn alasan je.
kte ada terfikir,
ada tak student pengsan sbb class diaorg pack sgt?
badan ni sengal2.

kain kat bawah tu nk angkat ke tak??
sbb panas sgt la..
uhuhuhuhu~ nanti kte hitam.. hahaha~

ps: tajuk tu, bukan nak pegi class ke tak. tu semestinya pegi.nak pegi ke tak? T? sbb setahun sebulan. tapi tak larat.??


since sir izuan baca, and beliau terasa.
our class, pack. since 8am-10am then 10am-12pm
then 12-1.30pm pastu smbung 2-4pm.

bila dah balik exhausted gile.
mlm2, nk study subject yg mane dlu?
tdo pukul 1 pg. terlajak sahur.
petang tu, tenaga dah sikit je tinggal.
kadang2. bdan ni rasa bergegar2...

ada hari tu,
sabtu ada byk activity.
pastu tak sempat nk study.

dgn test.
assignment yg memerlukan kami keluar!
ada 2 subject. tu pun penat.

ada this one point.
ada kat dlm class tu,
tapi tak tau lecturer ajar ape.
it seems my brain tak function lagi dah.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

out of service

bukan blog ni ye..
saya. saya out of service dah!!

penat sgt2!! buku2 teks berat, class dari pagi smpi petang,
takde break plak tu. nasib baik dari blok U ke C je..
takde la nk pegi SL ke.. *fuh*

serious tak larat,
mlm nk study lagi, tdo kul 1 pagi.
pastu nk bangun sahur,
kadang2 terlepas, cuma bayangkn je sahur, sedangkan tak pun.
sbb tak larat nk bgun. letih sgt2.

class pulak,
asyik tdo (bukak mata).. tak dpt catch up ape lecturer ajar sbnrnya.
sume class dlm separa sedar. hahaa!!!
ada satu class yg sbnrnya, TAK SEDAR PUN!!!
sbb tak ingt lgsg lecturer ada ajar topic tu!!!!!! huhu~
maaf! nanti saya pertingkatkan prestasi.

bulat, tiap2 hari dtg bilik..


ni random conversation, lebih kurang mcm ni la ayat dia..
kteorg tgh balik dari class.. jalan2 5 org..
tgh bincang2... bincang ye!!

ela: kte bukak puasa kat KENANGA tak pun OSK IB..
mira: hah!! bagus la tu, kte makan bond, shares, futures.. kenyang2x!! (sindiran la)


hehe~ for me this dialog is amusing.. hahaa~
bak ada kata akk bachelor finance part 5 yg kte jumpa kat blok C.
"bdk2 investment mmg poyo sket"...

maaf bdk2 investment, kteorg dh cemarkan nama DIIA.
dicop "POYO" hehehee~

Friday, September 4, 2009

Apa jadi dgn duit RM50 hari tu?

*nama saya Bulat, saya sgt comel*

based from topic above,
duit tu ada lagi dlm purse. heeheeheehee~
tak guna pun lagi.. heheee~

tadi tetiba teringt nk bubuh entry.
pasal lelaki.
dulu kte sekola pompuan,
so, topic yg slalu jadi topic utama perbualan ialah "Lelaki"
mmg bosan dan tak menarik dan tak berminat.

tapi, kte boleh nmpk beza,
slalu nya kwn2 sebangsa ngn kte ni,
topic dia slalu pasal lelaki tu kekerapan dia sgt tinggi. (mcm tak de topic lain je, psal TV ke, movie pun ada gak).
kalu dgn bdk2 cina, diaorg jrg ckp pasal bdk laki,
sumpah jarang. sgt jarang la. kalu ada pun psl penyanyi je.
diaorg lagi suka bercerita dan cerita diaorg akan jadi tak logic sbb diaorg byk gunakan imaginasi.
menarik. suka3x.

dpt masuk uitm, yg dikalangnnya semuanya ialah sebangsa,
bagi kte, kebykkn pemikirannya sgt conservative (bukan ckp pasal korg je tau kte pun sama jgk!).
pada mulanya, kte rasa kte tak boleh survive,
tapi, mungkin Allah nk bg peluang.
dan bukan la uitm ni dtgkn keburukkan, (kte tau knp kte dpt uitm, tapi biarlah rahsia)
tapi rupa2nya, ramai jgk pelajar sebangsa ni yg pandai2. dpt dekan, 4flat.
sbb dlu sekola, yg dpt no.1 tu mesti si pohly tu. tak pun meikee.

diaorg pun ada kelemahan diaorg,
tapi tak pe lah, tak yah nk citer kat sini,
nanti jadi masalah perkauman pulak,
kalu nk tau, cari la kte, tanye.. hee~

tapi kenapa mcm ni ea?
cara didikan lain ea? kenapa kte tak mcm diaorg?

sgt curious nk tau,
harap nanti smbung degree nanti kat environment yg baru.
supaya luas pemandangan.hehee~

sbnrnya, cerita pasal lelaki sikit je kan? hahaahahaahahahaahaa!!

kte SGT berminat dgn human behaviour, yg kte boleh kaji dari tingkah laku,
body language, voice tone, handwriting. mesti menarik. salah. mmg menarik.
kte dah la agak observative (konon, perasan je lebih).
bdk c1&c2(haritu presentation asyik ckp c5 je. hahahaa!!!), korg perasan tak yg kte ada lecturer yg suka ckp "lah"??

trishaw tu bukan motor vehicle! hahaahaha~
lecturer dah suka mengejek kte. haih~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost Motivation

Don't know why.
Tapi motivation dah tak de..
Mood study dah tak de..

dah tak tau nk update ape..
nanti update benda yg nampak saya ni desperate.. heheehee~
so, ni ada gmbr utk tontonan umum..
TAPI gmbr bdk2 yg highly in demand tau!! hehee~
*tmbh la visitor blog ni* hehee~

slalunye, tapis gmbr..
gmbr yg muka kte tak comel kte tak upload..
tapi kali ni, comel ke tak comel..
kte upload je sume!!

*Lecture ENT300 b4 lecturer masuk*

*hehe~ diaorg tgh buat diskusi ilmu kat blkg.. kte tak dgr pun.hehe*
tgk muka diaorg bertapa seriousnya.

*ni bdk bilik dpn kte gak.. hehe.. sibuk je kan!! hehehe*

*ni kte randomly je snap.. mane la tau ada gmbr sape dlm ni.. hehee*
owh.. ummul pakai spek dah!! heehheee

*bdk ni, susah tul nk mntk tgkp gmbr...*


*lepas class pegi bazaar.. hujan..*

*agak2 muka mcm dh tak sabar nk makan.. tak pun dia pikir benda lain...*

*muka yg penuh kepura-puraan(fiqa).. tgh tunggu org*

*aik? mcm pasrah semcm ni.. pikirkan ape ni??*

Pada org2 yg terlibat. jgn mara ye.. hehee~
saje2.. hehehee~ just this once (or maybe for few times more) for me as a memory.
nanti dh grad kalu tak smbung tmpt sama.
nanti dah keje, tak keje tmpt sama.. hehee~

ps: sape2 nk berkenalan dgn sape2 yg terlibat dlm gmbr tu.. sila lah.. hantar comment dibwh.. hehehee~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dah Lama

dah lama tak on laptop ni..
dah 3 hari, (kot)
sibuk ngn test ngn assignment yg bertimbun.. huhu~
Test HR baru je lepas,
no comment lah... biar la dia..

dari cuti seminggu hari tu,
kte tak balik2 sbbkn assignment yg berlambak..

tadi teman amirah ngn fatihayah pegi penawar,
diaorg demam ngn batuk2..
tgh tunggu2 tu, ada baca satu fakta ni..
"stress akan menyebabkan lemah daya ketahanan badan"
lebih kurang mcm tu la ayat dia..
ayat tu dibwh tajuk H1N1...
so, kesimpulanya...
lecturer jgn bagi byk sgt assignment nanti student stress lagi senang nk kena H1N1... hehee~

hari tu ada lebah masuk bilik.. malam2 lar..
*dia besar saiz 50sen.. gemuk sgt, dia nk masuk celah lampu pun tak muat!!
kite gelakkn je dia sbb gemuk sgt*

*ni ada kucing ni, rasanya nk bagi nama dia "Bulat" sbb dia bulat.. hahaa~

*dia posing utk camera*

* dia tak reti nk pegi, sbb dia nk makanan... hahaa~ dh la dia keras (kejong) semacam sbb tak de sape penah pegang dia.. tp manja jgk la..*

*lukis waktu class FIN327, hahaa~*

Friday, August 21, 2009

Entry yg Gembira.

Tadi baru je abes FIN327,
alhamdulillah boleh la jwp sume...
tgk je la result mcm mane,

tadi pagi ada lecture Human Resourse kat LT1,
mcm biasa, bukan dgr sgt pun dia ckp ape kat dpn..
sbb study FIN327,

- Ini hasil karya Cik Siti Amirah, muka dia serious je mcm dgr lecture, sbnarnya, dia tgh lukis2 nih... hahaa~ kte ingt rambut gajah tu, gajah tu pakai bunga.. hehee~ bengong nye amirah..-

jgn marah mira!!! hehee~
terima kasih hantar camera...
tp camera ni mmg kdng2 kabur...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ada ke macam tu?

*entah la expression ape ni*

sbnarnya, ni cerita smlm ( dh luput dah)..
tgh beratur kat benteng first nk beli makanan tghari,
line dia panjang la..

tgh2 beratur tu,
ada org kat blkg. ckap kuat2 maknenya, kasi kte dgr la...
dia boleh kata...
minah sorg: "eh? betul tu BOYFRIEND dia?"
minah lagi sorg: "yela kot.slalu je nmpk sama2"
minah sorg: "eh~ tak sangka kan, BOYFRIEND dia besar, GIRLFRIEND dia kurus je"
minah lagi sorg: "ha ah kan?? mcm tak percaya"

kte dgr perbualan diaorg yg berdiri dibelakang kte,
smbil tu, usha gak sape couple yg diorg tgh bincangkan tu.
tp kte tak toleh and tak nak tau pun sapa ygbercakap mcm tu,
part bape ke, course ape...
so, kalu org tu baca, jgn risau kte tak tgk pun muka kau..

kte tak puas hati la,
ada ke patut ckp mcm tu??!!!
biar la,
tak semestinya kalu pompuan tu kurus nk couple ngn org kurus je!!
kalu dia couple ngn org berbadan besar pun biar la!!
yg penting diaorg bahagia..
perlu ke korg nk approve boleh ke tak diaorg nak couple!!!

mmg tak paham, kenapa org nk berfikir mcm tu..
kolot sgt la!! ko tu datang dari mana?? pluto?? mars??

cuba ko pikir, nanti ko punye jodoh ngn org yg tak sama besar ngn badan ko?
org ckap benda yg sama??
tak ke mcm sama je.. (-_-)!!!

saje nk post entry.. hehee~

PS:kte kenal semua org, semua org tak kenal kte... hehee~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hujan Rintik-Rintik

Air bergelora.. mak kasi duit... *apetah smbungan dia*

entry kali ni,
lupe la nk bubuh ape...
huhu~ serious lupe.

lupe lagi,

lagi lupe,




huhu~ tak ingat..

ada ni je,
hujan rintik2...
tp gmbr kte takde gambar hujan rintik2...
gembira gak ea diaorg ni?

paling gembira si mira nih~


ni ada gmbr.. nak bubuh jgk tu, takley blah..
erti kata lain, blog SAYA!! tak kesah la kan,
lagipun title blog ni "where no one reads"

sedangkan hujan lebat ribut petir~ hehee~

Sunday, August 16, 2009


aritu test alhamdulillah...
tgh je la result mcm mane..

tadi pegi Seminar Viva dianjurkan oleh Part 6 semester ni...
tapi.. speaker dia SAMA DENGAN LAST SEM!!
tp best lar... tapi cuma kelam kabut sket..

gmbr takde. he~

tapi byk input dtg..
tapi, ada test pulak waktu financial analysis!!!
puan tu yg keje Bank Negara tu!!!
dia best!! huhu~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Afiqah Khalid, Test 1 FIN320 dpt 100%..

esok test!!! rasa mcm belum sedia!!!

tadi nk jumpa lecturer,
sblum tu lepak library,
hurm... pastu jumpa lecturer,
pastu lepak library balik.
tunggu org tu 2 jam,
tak turun2... T_T

pastu pegi cari makanan,
pegi NR tu, takde,
pegi cafe admin, makanan dia dh berbau tak elok...
at last kat benteng intan tu, beli nasi tomato...
makan dh pukul 3... tdo pun tak teratur,
takut la kalu senang di jangkit virus.

pastu tak tau kenapa asyik mimpi je..
mimpi mcm2..
smpi mimpi cakap mandarin kot!!!
mimpi dia.. tapi harap dia call kte!!!
dh la tak pernah call kite!!
mimpi dia pulak...
tetiba rasa rindu pulak...

ps:tajuk tu.. nk suro korg doakan..
amin, terima kasih!(sbb doakan)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ngantuk sgt,
dinner biscuit ngn milo panas je..
skrg ngntuk n penat gile..
nak tdo awal!!

ada anak kucing comel gile kat library!!!!
caler oren!!! gi lar tgk!!!
kte tak tangkap gmbr dia.. sbb hp camera tak best..
*belikan kte hp baru?? skrg jgk??!!*

udah2 la ngn pengumuman ni.. bosan la dgr benda yg sama~
nak pecah gegendang telinga ni gak..

oh! org dewasa.. mmg bagus...
terkejut jgk la, org dewasa sggup minta maaf..
ye, dimaafkan..
bagus2 org dewasa..
mcm ni la.. kte sbgi bdk2 pun kena contohi org dewasa tu ea!!
*fiqa buang ego tu(T_T)*

ngantuk.. serious..
ngntuk.. sgt2.. nite2..

Monday, August 10, 2009


weekend baru ni,
tak rehat pun,

sabtu class ganti,
ahad bersungguh2 abes kn past year question..

tangan dh lenguh,
dh la jerebu,
pastu baju pun blum basuh..
kucing pun tak de dan tak nak datang.
internet pun lembab,
(semua diatas tak de kena mengena antara satu sama lain)

TAK LARAT!!!!!!!!
class pun masuk ngantuk je..

miao ni, dh tak datang!!!

*smlm, jerebu.bau busuk gile! tp tdo nyenyak je*

*saje mengada*


Friday, August 7, 2009


Sem ni, tak dapat subsidi and tak mohon bersungguh2 pun..
so, budget makan, bpk ku bagi... Rm100 utk sebulan..
mesej : "fiqa try to keep within the budget ~papa~"

bagus gak. dapat diet (terlampau obsess nk diet, tp jgn risau.. kte takkn memudaratkan diri punye)
mmg tgh try dlm budjet, last month spend RM97 tp tak cukup sebulan..
sbb masuk 5 july, pastu balik mid sem tu..

disebabkan tu,
kte makan tghari beli, malam kte makan ape je yg ada kat bilik ni..
kalu rajin, pegi bilik dpn mintak simpati (*terukkn kte ni??!!*)

satu lagi cabaran,
benteng bile diaorg masak,
aroma dia smpi masuk bilik,
dh la tadi makan epal ngn air ovaltine je..

tak de sapa ke nk blanja?

jerebu.. busuk2x...
baju pun tak basuh lagi,
esok ada class ganti..

*bayangkan je tgh makan sedangkn tak pun*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cukup lah..

dari kecik, kadang2 slalu di salah anggap,
tadi, rasa lagi skali,
kte dh la jenis senang beremosi,
hampir nk nangis jgk la,
dh la lama tak nangis..

buat this feeling where,
I'm so sure, that I'm not wrong.
It wasn't our fault..

orang dewasa,
tlong la sedar atas kesilapan sendiri dan reti2 lah meminta maaf.
bila bersuara dianggap biadap.. jadi??
kami tak dapat "come clean"...

orang kan.. susah nk jangka,
mcm ticking bomb.

sudah lah...
ni baru Universiti.. blum keje lagi.. haih~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nak bubuh tajuk ape ea??

Selepas cuti seminggu yg tiba2,
nasib baik mood study dtang dgn cepatnya.. hehe..

bila petang ada hobi baru,
Terima kasih kepada Amirah yg ddk dpn blik kte ni.. dia dgn baiknya and percayanya,
pinjamkan kte koleksi komik dia!! so, kena jaga buku dia..
bukak pun berhati2, takde pun lipat2 ke.. hehehe~ maklumlah barang orang..
cerita "Hot Gimmick". ada 12 siri.

menunjukkn cerita tu best sgt, amirah bagi pinjam hari ahad malam tu, kte dh baca smpi siri 7 dah!!
serious best!! hehehe~
kadang2 kat atas katil, gelak2 sorg2, excited sorg2.
dah la ddk bilik 4 org, diaorg ingt kte ni gile ke ape.. hahaha~
pastu kte ada smlm baca kat atas lantai, sbb excited sgt,
junior bilik "akk ni dah kenapa?? smpi baring atas lantai ni?"*smbil senyum2*
hehehe~ [ps yg tak penting: kte rasa adik bilik kte ni lawa, muka matured.. hehehe~]

hari isnin aritu takder class langsung, huhu~ (smalam la) 0_0!!!
tadi ada presentation, tp not my best, sbb byk kali tangguh.
so kali ni, amek smbil lewa... tak bersedia pun.

haritu, balik rumah, dh turun 2 kg!!
lepas sminggu ddk rumah, naik balik 2 kg (T____T)

owh, malas nk upload gambar ape2..

tadi sidai baju, rasa mcm kat tepi pantai,
angin bertiup dgn bersunguh2nya.. *suka5x*

owh, hari tu ada cari gmbr yg kecik2 yg kata kte comel tu,
tp tak jumpa, maklumla, Cik Afiqah ni dia teruk dlm kemas barang,
so, kte tak ingt kat mana.. hahaha!!!
tp ada jumpa gmbr skola menengah,
dah mata ni otomatik tgk kat gigi tu..
uuggghhh, agak menakutkn gak la,
gigi "Original" tak lawa. dh la pelik. hehehe~
so, skrg ni gigi palsu.. hehehe~

kwn2, update lah blog, kte nk baca!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tak Kenal maka tak cinta.

mmg btul la,
kalu tak kenal mmg tak cinta langsung.
bile azrina dia cadangkan..
dlm hati "yyeeerrr, tak besh pun.. ape la specialnya.."
skali tau lagi detail..
besh sgt2 pulak..
terasa nk proceed,
tp nk smbung degree..

kaki sakit.. huhu~

hari selasa - kemas rumah, vacum,mop,vacum (sgt la penat)
hari rabu - kuar teman akk pegi jumpa Doc n teman dia beli stock.
hari khamis - ada dentist appointment
hari jumaat - tadi kuar teman akk beli baju dia..

tp tak kurus2 lagi..

ok, the next topic is Kucing (Lagi)
kali ni, kte cerita knp kte berjinak2 dgn kucing ni,

sejak kte lahir n kte boleh ingt,
mmg dh ada kucing family kte bela,
even dh pindah pun ada jgk kucing.

*ni, office mak kte, tgk la.. koleksi dia.. paham kan kenapa kte suka kucing comel?*

*kucing ngn anak dia..*
*kucing ngn buku ngn ikan..*
*kucing pakai slipar!! hahaa*

*gmbr ni tak clear. tp miao ngn anak dia!! dari Kuching*

*kucing tdo*
*magnet kucing*

semua koleksi kucing2 ni, sbnarnya ada org bagi ada yg beli (kot). tp sume org tau mak kte suka kucing.. hahaha~ family kte yg suka kucing. cuma kte xsuka benda terbang.. tp tak takut terbang...

untung muka bayi (baby face)..
ada org ape tah nk suro ape tah... kat LRT bandaraya..
Org ApeTah: Miss2x.. ni ada discount/ peraduan (kot ape tah, tak dgr sbb dgr Mp3 kuat2)
Fiqa: owh.
Org ApeTah: eh, miss ni dh umo 18 ke blum? ini utk 18 tahun ke atas je..
Fiqa: blum.. hehehe
sdgkn dh tua!! hahaha~

ni bukan kucing.. hahhaa~ ni muka kte!! pegi PWTC hari tu.. muka tu ada jerawat tau!! hahaha~
Ps: mungkin kte perlu tunjuk semua org kte punye koleksi butang?? hahaha~ (koleksi pelik)