Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of the Month

hehee~ dah last day of the month.

esok orang lain dah start final.
my first paper is on 6th June! Start dengan Macroeconomic. ye. memang dulu dah amek. SENYAP! tak dapat transfer pun!

class baru abes tadi. huhuu~ ada quiz. mencabar, quiz dia tak pernah tak mencabar. huhuuu!

er. tu je la. takde benda nak update pun. oh! nak upload gambar disini! :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


nothing to update really. I just feels like updating. bhahaha!

random 1:
setiap kali dia tak reply or tak angkat call. soalan pertama: "Tido ke?"
tak pun: "main game?" bhahahahaha! macam dia dah takde benda lain nak buat.

tau tak kalu kte tak angkat dia tanya ape? "awak marah ke?

walaupun takde isu, dia akan tanya macam tu. itu je. hmm. nampak sangat saya perempuan yang sangat suka marah-marah. bhahaha!

random 2: 
sekarang ni musim anak kucing, tapi selalunya topic paling kerap pasal kucing dekat UUM. Hey! tau tak kucing pun ada cerita dia! ada politik tau! sape kawan dengan sapa, kucing mane yang tak geng. kalu geng mesti syak ada pape! bhahahaa! cool tak pencinta kucing dekat sini! bhahahaa!

random 3:
I realized something, kalau nak tegur saya, or saya tetiba senyap je. cerita pape pasal kucing. confirm cakap tak berhenti! oh. jangan cakap pasal budak kecik or baby. tak minat. bhahaha!

random 4: 
saya ada makcik yang bela 17 ekor kucing. ye. kadang-kadang dia mesej-mesej dengan saya. conversation saya dan makcik saya hanya berkisar tentang kucing. ye! kucing takde benda lain. believe me.

random 5:
sem ini kali pertama tak balik langsung even cuti pun! :O 
tak sangka. at least study week balik. or sem break. kali ni tak balik pun!

random 6:
saya sangat suka dekat seorang lelaki yang dah kahwin! :O
JENSEN ACKLES! bhahahaha! hot gila!

random 7:
kadang-kadang saya rasa macam nak makan je laptop ni sebab internet lambat sangat.

ok. dah start merapu baik publish sekarang!

oh! tutti frutti mau buka di JITRA! SERBU! SERBU!!

ok. seriously bye!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Weekend!

Setelah beberapa bulan takde masa untuk weekend dan akhirnya! weekend sampai! :D

This is thursday night! going out dengan Biro Tugas Khas Spring Fest! :D FUN! FUN! feels to be part of them is most memorable thing! :D

ni pulak. semalam. Mel Mel berhasrat nak pindahkan anak dia dalam bilik kinat! so, come to rescue buatkan kotak yang "Zaid Arham" bagi untuk Mel Mel beranak, transform jadi "HOME" untuk Mel Mel. bubuh anak dia dalam tu. siap bagi nasihat dekat Mel Mel bila boleh bagi anak dia masuk bilik Kinat. Bila Semah pun boleh. bahhahaa! comel tak lukiskan untuk Mel Mel :D

Ni gambar kucing mak kte whatapps dekat kita! :D anak kucing makcik kte! comel gila!!! hahahaa!

wehheeee!! fun fun! boleh tidur dan basuh baju. bhahaa! 

My weekend macam tu lah. huhuu. 

Figured out

I figured something.

It's about I see failures around me. That makes me afraid. 
But someone did make me see that maybe they are not the happiest around but they survived. I do want to believe in them. 
but you know, the risk I'm taking. There will never be 100% sure. 
Letting the time and God to make it happen. Before that, I'll just have to be patiently wait and see and feel whatever that I should feel. 
and put my best effort in it as I always do in everything. 

sometimes I just don't understand myself. I even don't believe that this happened. :D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not all

As my observation here, 

Here I would like to address on people who stereotype. I was sitting in the library, sharing space with foreigner master students in UUM. I agree that I don't have many foreign friends but I have few classmates who I talk to and said "hai" to them. ok. I have Indonesian friends. count! :P

 Left: Erkin from Uzbek and Hasan from Somalia :)

a very tall guy :)

there are cases arises lately, but I just don't really like how they view things. 

I would say, I met wonderful and very impressive people here. They come to Malaysia in order to get education to serve their country for the sake of future generation. I've met this people in my Leadership class. well, not all. like "Janji Melayu" well, not all Malay is not punctual. I met very punctual Malays :P

These people who willing to come here and learning here far away from their home. I could see some of them are really enjoy their life here. they learn Bahasa they learn our culture they eat our foods. I would say, their country is not as privilege as us.

A sudden update about this situation is when I overheard the masters student talk about their condition in their country. and both of them were teachers back home. :D

I also always glad with my decisions. I glad I'm here. knowing much more. mingle with more friends. :)

maybe I should picked up more Russian? hahahaa! because Erkin speaks a lot Bahasa! :O

Sunday, May 20, 2012


hehee. Something that I learned new today! 

few of my Chinese friends dekat UUM update status Happy 520 <3 <3. curious, then google up. it's actually a symbolic for I LOVE YOU kalau sebut those numbers in mandarin (Wu Er Ling) = (Wo Ai Ni). ye tak sama. entah kenapa. =.='''

sebenarnya update blog sebab nak tunjuk ni! :)

Happy 1 month anniversary! :D

hehee. saya ada buat something special for you :D

simple je. sebabkan awak selalu tumbang kene langgar dengan benda lain atas meja. saya buatkan awak macam kerusi lah untuk awak duduk :P


Happy anniversary dekat kaktus! bhahahaa! oh. mak saya tau sape yang bagi :P siap bagi nasihat macam mana nak jaga. heheehe~ sweet la mak saya :P

oh. guna botol air. sebab tadi pun dia tergolek. kesian dia. so dengan harapan dia lebih stabil lepas ni :)

sebenarnya tak ingat pun dia dah berapa hari dengan saya. bhahaa! anggap je la hari ni. bhahahaha!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Need to!

I need to update. I really do.

I keep look at the past. because I keep thinking that from past actually made future. then? I should look past? right? I keep digging and digging a buried hole and I found a lot of things. I know that I shouldn't but I'm so damn curious!

but in the end the one who is hurt is me. 

and I kept thinking that I should go with my head not my heart. but there's no turning back because I already fell too deep. and in terms of that I am really really full of negativity! 

at times I always keep that this won't work. 

and at times I feel so stupid.

and at times I know that you will get know how I feel.

and it's complicated and a lot of tears had shed. 

I still can't see what I supposed to see. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I should stop......


stop updating like this. because I'll probably forget. 

I have this book. then this book is for SIFE, but then, I wrote something before. then I forget about it. then I did the same thing! I wanted to write something then I found my note inside there! and I wonder who actually writes it! and it was me =.='' and I spelt my name wrong! I wrote Fika! =.='' SUPER DUPER FAIL!

this is not initially I wanted to update. 

I should step back a little and breathe. 


smile. smile. hoping the pain goes away.

and I realised that I have many scars! :O

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I really

don't have time. :(

so, I'll be forcing myself to update whenever I'll free.

probably during finals! bhahahaa!

and pray that I get the spot for being a presenter for SIFE! 

I want it. :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Festival in UUM (Part 2)

So, my story continues. opening of the semester, they made a gathering where we ate and have games. then that moment I knew more and more friends. and of course, I can't remember all names at one night. since we meet every night, we asked name again and again.we grew closer and closer. 

I didn't take all the picture along my journey with them. but bear with me whatever pictures that I have. bhahaa! this spring fest also my first experience went out with them buying things for event. We ate pizza for lunch. :) and there I know that Xiao Wen's favourite color is blue.

From this spring fest, I learned hokkien and learned more about their culture and religion. oh! let me put here all the member names:

Special Task Department
Fong Meng En (Leader) from Kuantan
Winnie Leong from Pahang
Xiao Wen from Perak
Siew Gean from Kelantan
Lee Hui from Perak
Derrick Ong from Alor Setar
 (taken from facebook) This picture is for the magazine :)
From behind left; Xiao Wen, me, Lee Hui, Derrick, Siew Gean and Winnie
oh. Alex (left) is our supervisor and Henry the project leader and our leader Meng En

I really glad that I made this decision. Always! Even I didn't have much time for myself, but I really glad I made the decision :)

Besides learning their culture and religion, they also learned about our culture and religion too! :) they know to slow down voices whenever "azan". They know that we need to pray at certain time. :) see! They are very considerate.

so here are pictures. We are in charge on the decoration and exhibition outside of the dewan MAS. We made the "small people country" (direct translation) basically, most of them are Xiao Wen's hard work. surprisingly! I never knew that it was so small and she could made those with her own hands! :O AMAZING!

 this is the guy who sells chicken!
 there are very small fish and vegetable and noodles!
 love this one! WATERMELON!!!
 hehee. this is actually the only that I've made. drawing the house. =.='
 not yet finish. still much more to go!

We made the tanglung, there are small and little things that I did. bhahaha! because didn't have the patience to actually done one!

celebrating birthday, someone of their family passed away. even at the last day of preparation, Winnie's friend passed away. there are tears and laughter! that we share. 

well, there will be more. because there will be more pictures :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Festival in UUM (Part 1)

Spring Fest? 
also known as One Spring One Malaysia under DPP Sime Darby.

It’s every semester’s activity; next semester would be mooncake festival. Most of the AJK will be Chinese. But this time myself and tiya joined this event! I’m glad I’ve made this decision.

Before I forget let’s read my interview… it was that night, tiya was so excited about it. I went there and fill in the forms and went to interview. I didn’t tell them that I can speak mandarin. I just speak English throughout the interview. Honestly, the interviewer didn’t look familiar at all to me. my interview takes about 20mins and few days after that I get sms that I get in Special Task department.

I didn’t go for the first general meeting because I had a discussion on that day. :(

So move on, I went for the first meeting special task meeting. They still didn’t know that I can speak mandarin. Errr.. They struggle to translate. So I admit that I can understand Mandarin. Heheee.  It was awkward at first but it turns they are very friendly. 

Then there's go for semester break. they contacted me using Facebook. thing to bring back and things to do.

Since my third semester opened we went to the hall to make preparation. Preparation for everything. mostly is the decoration on that they. there are few motivation slot but wow! yeah. we need motivation as well. 

it was every night from 8.30pm until 1am almost everyday. every department gather to complete their tasks. 

all these pictures are on the process on finishing. every department have their own tasks. :)

our event was on:
26th April 2012
Dewan MAS

There will be next post. Stay tune! :D