Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fundamental of Afiqah #6

It's been a while for not having this class!! weeee!!! :DD The reason I've haven't update about this topic because I've ran out of idea. How I get the idea? because it's the issue right now.

Since I've transferred to UUM; the problem that I'm facing is, few of the classes is conducted in BM which is the only thing that I don't like. Kalau dulu kat UiTM, if ada lecturer ajar in BM je dah start menyumpah. hahahaaa~ Now, I can't ran from this problem accept I take international classes! :) pun best juga. So, today I'll tell a bit about language. 

Thank you to both of my parents; since we were small, all the cartoon and stories were in English. Even though we don't converse in English but all the reading materials also in English. We converse in BM. Even newspaper; The Star and New Strait Times. hahahaa~ But due to my dumbness I didn't actually read those books, I just look at the picture and interpret myself! hahahaha!!! until now, I don't know what happen to the real story because I only looked at the pictures!

Growing up, in schools I don't really remember. :P but I've remembered people always told me that I'm clever sedangkan sifir pun tak reti! I  don't know why. hahahahaa~ weird, mungkin rakan-rakan telah mendoakan saya jadi pandai! yea! :D

So, BM and english is always my medium to converse anywhere. BUT! I have a every bad BM compare to my friends here! diaorg punya kutuk kata kita celup (T__T) jahat! ok, mungkin tapi tak la celup cuma bukan 100% melayu :D

I usually reads english books even I don't practice them often. but it helps a lot! :D
Started with Meteor Garden, form 2. I knew Philana and Amirah, then macam mane boleh tersangkut dengan Wilber Pan and I'm browsed him everything is in Chinese!! so, I've decided to learn mandarin. :D Philana teach me some basics (even though dia pun learning) then end of form 2 Philana ajak masuk class mandarin! :) then I went for basics and I had to quit because my mom don't let me and to focus for PMR. even I've quit the tuition but I learn online on how to read the letters without knowing the meaning and how to actually use them in a sentences. but my luck! school have extra classes for mandarin!!

I have this crazy thing that I always do, watched weekdays 8tv e-news that time was Gary Yap and there was no subtitle until now... watch that daily even you don't understand what the hell his talking! hahaha~ then later at night, listen to chinese radio even you don't understand. and pretend to read chinese magazine. XD

within 2 years, the first sentence that I've spoken is; "Wo bushi guyi de/ I didn't do that on purpose" when I'm in form 4 and since that, they speak mandarin to me even I don't reply in mandarin! hahahahaaa!!!

so now, it's turning my 7th years learning mandarin.. Hoorayy!!

but there is a thing; now I can practice my mandarin since I've haven't use it for almost 3-4 years. but since people still understand it's okay kan?! :D

Someone: Why do you learn mandarin? because you want to listen what we talking about ar??!!

the thing is, the first real reason I learn mandarin is because this hot guy! ;

Bila dah belajar lagi mendalam; rasa mandarin is very unique! :D
Tak baik tau prejudis dekat saya! :(

Tapi memang tak boleh tahan sekali apabila saya cakap mandarin orang akan pandang macam nampak kucing comel boleh bercakap! hahahahaa~



Ummul said...

apabila saya cakap mandarin orang akan pandang macam nampak kucing comel boleh bercakap! ohmy,kucing comel tu! fiqah ni compare diri dgn kucing??

Fiqa said...

hahahahaa~~~ :DDDDDD
tak ke?? hahhahaaa~