Saturday, March 19, 2011

Promises and Responsibility

Entry for today,
since yesterday too much things happened and I don't want to mention about it. :)

I get bored and frustrated when people make promises where they tend not to keep it. and I'm the one who innocently hoping that the promise would be fulfilled. People please stop doing these. put yourself in their shoes.

I'm not sure myself how I kept my promises. but I think I'm doing quite well. oh! ok! not really!! I just remembered! hahahahaa~ ok, I have my reasons! :P but easy as this, you said you will give me the list of names on friday and I've waited, there is no list names. Danke for that! Please stop making the "janji melayu" but why melayu? please tell me? and why melayu let all people keep thinking that janji melayu??!! same as before; discussion is 9pm but instead of 11pm?!! What!! I supposed studying and sleep at 11.30pm!!! Frustrating.

I am not a person that good on handling responsibility because people doesn't always give me one. :D but those who is a comitee member, please have some and be a role model?

you know what, every time I think of the society right now, in this compound, I could just cry thinking of it. It is so sad seeing people doesn't improve or want it to change. and how actually I want to change people mind? how to influenced them? can anyone tell me? I've read before that if you want to change people you have to change yourself. I would say I'm quite a punctual person (thanks to Puan Khadijah). but nothing changed in society. oh! maybe I should find new bestfriends here. 

that should be my next mission :D

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