Thursday, March 3, 2011

What have March done to me.

Even starting of the 1st March 2011, I've been very very busy. I went for discussion, lunch then library to study, then another discussion and then when for a meeting and rushed back to go for basketball competition and then went back to hostel finishing the dialog for role play, later that night, went for meeting (another meeting) then finishing my role play. I slept at 1am and class at 8am I woke up at 6.30am.

so the next day, I went to class like usual, but class ended earlier because Dr. Shukri had to attend a meeting.Dr. Shukri is so funny, so I wasn't that sleepy. Class ended at 8.45am and I headed to library..I went to sit at the same place that I always sit.. after writing some notes, I felt so sleep and decided to take a nap. and I napped about 30minutes! and I caught myself SNORING!!! have you experienced when you were sleeping you know that you snoring it's separa sedar... muahahaa~ I don't know whether someone noticed it or not. hahahaa~

continue, then I went for a discussion and after that I headed to my room with my lunch. After eating my lunch, I washed my laundry manually, and I hang my clothes. at 3.00pm I headed to class.. during that moment until 7.00pm I noticed people stared at me and start pointing and laughing. Few of them, I was so busy to notice that at my lanyard there is a SEPIT BAJU! blue one and I'm wear a cream colour tudung! it's really obvious! hahaaa!! I laughed and laughed, silly me! and no one actually said anything not even my friends.

and I've remembered about few years back, I was walking to the LRT station at Bandar  Tun Razak, then there is one guy walking passes me, and his T-shirt there is a sepit baju maybe he just take his clothes from the ampaian I wanted to tell him but I was so afraid.. but I don't know what happen to that guy. so, peeps! this is KARMA! for me.. ahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!

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