Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fundamental of Afiqah #3

maybe class will be irregular and on the weekend ya.

ok, today's topic will be about "Changes".

I actually mention it before in my previous post.
But since the main topic is about me,
I'll tell it anyway. ^_^

In every way, we as human nature will have this changes in life right?
In personality especially, when we grow up, when we reach that certain level of age.
*now sounds like high school essay*

I'm changing drastically.
BEFORE I really can't go anywhere without companion of any friends.
I can't make my own decisions.
I can't ask stranger,
I don't really likes to talk
I don't study. and I don't care about it at all.

but NOW, I'm changing, into a new person.
I start to think differently,
I start to care about what others feels,
I start try hard to put myself in their shoes,
but sometimes, I forget who I am before
and what I've become.

Human always forget.
and I do too.
I always forget who am I before came here.
So, people who are called "friends".
please remind me, and when I started to act like an "ASS"
please tell me. That would be appreciated.

Starting my new phases of life which is "Degree".
I'll start thinking to develop a more better me than "Diploma"

so, class today is more about me as always.


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