Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laptop is Part of My Life

I spend most of my time sleeping 0_o
and reading the book that I borrowed at the library,

the first thing I did is (besides doing my prayer)
I turned on the laptop.

but yesterday,
I've planned to start my study,
but we'll see what happens today.
the good thing is, I already watch all the TV series.
so, I have nothing to watch.
but lately,
I have grown a new interest which is a secret I don't want to tell. ^_^
only my family member, amirah akmar, azrina and my roomate knows.

but I'm not planning to switch my career in the future. I guess.


Asyraf Abdul Rahim said...

nanti nak tv seriess sume. kite bg external nnti. okayh?

Anonymous said...

ur secret is safe with me. hihihi..

Fiqa said...

acap>> owh. ok. nk chocolate. hahaa~

azrina>> bagus2.
nanti kte kongsi lagi. hehee~