Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Things inside my head

you used to be my idol. the first moment I know you. all I wanted to turned to is you.
you always be my benchmark in everything.
but It's true that no one is perfect.
the more I know you.
the more I saw your flaw.
The more I became more and more disappointed.
I always looked up to you. but now.
all I want is to be myself.

but the problem is,
I don't know what I wanted to be.
I don't know the real me.
I don't know anything about myself.

but I know what I like
what I always hates.
but I still can't figure the real me.
what I always wanted to be.
I can't see far enough who will I become.
but I have a hint.

I always wanted to be looked up to.
people searching for me asking me things.
but now,
I felt like its a huge burden to bare.

sometimes I love the spotlight
sometimes I hate it.
because I'll get cocky and too proud of myself,
and I became more and more B***HY.
I'll be an A**

I'll start to forget
who am I before.

Ps: thank you for following me, the numbers are increasing. wow!
okie I know 34 JER! kecoh.

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