Friday, March 5, 2010

Fundamental of Afiqah #4

Okay, now the class started.

Things that I really don’t like and it is a very sensitive conversation or question that is as below:

- Don’t you ever criticize what I eat. Okay, if you guys mention “eh, sikit nye makan”, “baik tak yah amek nasi”.. ni kte tak kesah sgt. But criticize the way I eat such as I don’t eat dinner much. So, don’t ever complain about that.

- I don’t like pretender. Okay, it seems everyone hates pretender rite?! Who don’t? Raise your hand if you LIKE pretender. Don’t act nice in front of me if you hate me. Just say it ok!

- This thing I really get annoyed very much. Don’t frequently ask me “tgh buat ape?”… I don’t know why but I hate that question.

- Very sensitive conversation to be talking with me if you and I wasn’t that close; about guys/men/boys. Maybe because I don’t have one, but frequently talking about them make me want to hit your head with my shoes (again and again and again until your head bleeds). But Azrina, don’t worry, I don’t mind talking about this issue with you coz it’s not that weird and not constantly all the time and you don’t brag about it. So, I don’t mind.

- Oh, don’t you exaggerate stories, I hate that too. Unless you admit that is exaggerating.

- Don’t lie in front of my face. If you caught you do that, I’ll hate you for sure.

- Don’t brag all the time, coz I’ll be bored hearing all those stories, (which sometimes I do brag. Just remind me ok?!)

I think that it just for now,

A very short and simple class for today.

Enjoy your weekend!! ^_^


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