Monday, March 15, 2010

some truth should be untold.

ok. dah update status mcm ini,
I don't want to mention sebenarnya.
entah lah... mengada2 kot.

I don't know what is your attention towards me,
maybe saje. maybe sengaja.

but for the past 1 year,(sebenarnya, jenuh mengira.. XD)
I like it to be that way.
I just comfortable lying to myself and
The way I think about you.

but now,
when I know some of the truth.
the past things come back to be again.
all those history.. damn...

but of course, I believed nothing will happened.
but there is some part of me wishing that something would happen,
and some part of me, don't want anything to change.

But honestly, I do like that feeling.
sometimes when I have time, I would remember back the feeling.
Which makes me smile.
make me felt that I'm not that invisible. =)

We just could plan, but God decides.
I don't know,
but I have to remain strong.
don't lose it AFIQAH.

sincerely, which a confession which what is really what I'm thinking which I'm currently not lying to myself.

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Ummul said...

its good to make it ur way.