Sunday, March 21, 2010

Men from Mars and Women from Venus

currently reading this book.
well, maybe not of you guys know,
but... I don't have male friends much.
I don't know them much.

reading this book because of my mom's friend suggested it.

comment of this book.
even though just reading the first chapter
which is the introduction.
man are complicated as well as women.

my question is,
If women can't make improvement on men.
then, what should we do then?
just ignore.
let you do all the mistakes?
how supposed we show you we care??!!

as far as I'm reading. my suggestion is
to just mind your own business because of
men are so egoistic, then we should just let them.

and then, they started to tell that we don't love them??!!
hurm.. complicated. complicated.

but, when I finished reading this book.
then I'll give the review. =^.^= "miao"

but the two men in my house.
are exactly the same as the first chapter
and the women in the house are exactly the same (including me)
which need improvement ladies.
jadi, bila fiqa balik rumah.
semua org kene baca buku nih!!!

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