Monday, April 27, 2009

2 down, 3 more to go...

finished with ECOMAL,
alhamdullilah I can answer it...

I rewarded myself a English series,
and wanted to quote one of the scene,
definitely I meant it too!


Psych Season 3, Episode 15.
Detective Lassidor in a restaurant said to his ex-wife,
his ex wife said,
"I don't think that I will ever stop loving you.not completely"

*Lassidor kelu tak berkata apa2*

his ex-wife: Plz say something.
Lassidor: when first time you left me, I may have made you followed(c0z his a police).
but it doesn't matter,
it's not about the past anymore.
it's about tomorrow.
so, I'm not going to say a word.
you know that I want to scream to the sky and I will do anything to get you back,
but I'm going let you go,
because that is what you want.
when you walk out that door,
I'll will let go of everything that I've been holding on to.
so we both can have tomorrow

from the scene above,
it makes me think,
I do let him go, because he wanted to...
that is what he wanted,
I'll let go, what ever happens,
happens right?~


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Air Muka

xpuas ati

ada ke patut~
aku xbuat pape pun kat dia...
seolah2, aku yg buat dia mcm tu!!

ape masalah korg?!!!
aku xbuat pape pun smpi dia mcm tu...

yg salahkan aku ni apasal???!!!
nak MATI!!!

S**L la!

dh la nk final ni...

selagi xdpt explaination,
No forgiveness...

anyway, I accept him the way he is...
aku xder ubah pape pun dia...
dia mmg mcm tu waktu aku kenal dia...
he chose to be like that,
not me!!

so, korg benti la menuduh2 aku,
benda2 yg pelik2 ni~

just want to make myself clear!

hate misunderstanding~

Friday, April 24, 2009


cuaca yg panas sejak kebelakangan ni...
huhu~ xlarat...

tdo dh la berdua atas katil yg single tu....
bertambah panas...
akhirnya, give up...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Passed~


hehe~ puas ati...
sbb soalan final utk FIN329 ialah past sem OCT2006!!!
sebijik except ada 2 soalan la yg lain...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I wish~

I'm addicted with this song...
by epik high, MYK and Kero One...
Korean hip hop artists... the song and the lyric really touched me,
I wish... there is a situation we a guy really REALLY describe me like that,
so... everything~


This is the song:

the lyric:

i remember my first glimpse of her face
i saw you smile, then i smile
i was straight blown away
mesmerized by your beauty from your feet to your hands
how could one be so beautiful i don't understand
heaven sent, god's gift without a doubt in my mind
sometimes i wonder why our paths decided to collide
we started off as perfect strangers
boy meets girl, infatuation to love
now you're my whole entire world
destiny taps me on the back -- saying hello
but really it was your touch
no and I’ll never let you go
then you spoke i never heard a voice so sweet
and from her words man i knew this girl was deep
just like me
with times to worry and times to play
we'll sit and stress over life or just burn the day away

i know for sho' in our past life
we had to be friends livin and dyin together
knowin that we would meet again
it's just a blessin to have you in my life
i was destined, to be with you
i'm privileged, so amazing no question
and i'm knowin, soon enough we'll get where we're goin
just thinkin about it i can feel my heart growing
am i trippin? or is it that i finally see?
i don't know, but my heart is saying that you're the one for me
please believe me, i'm exactly where i wanna be
this rhyme is written from my heart to you

no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you

you turn a cocooned soul into a butterfly
and i, lose control, can never turn aside
you shine like summer skies, like when a lover lies next to me and says to me
you make me wonder why

you are a beautiful mystery
every note carved into musical history
a simile, metaphor... words not enough to
entrust to you,
trust that its true
we must have a clue but we asked for evidence
dwell in passing sentiments though we bask in eminence
every moment every day, busy getting paid away,

the soul fades away into a grainy shade of grey
i pray, that you'll listen to what i say,
cause i feel like a missing shoe
this is to everything that you are,
the wild earth, a child's birth, sun moon and the stars

no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you

(kero one)
check it out
so i ask what would i be without you?
like stevie without wonder
hunger without food
a sheep without a shepherd
asleep without your message
that despite the skeptic, in the end you were true
and i knew, that there was more to life
and i grew, livin for the light
i took my answers, combined them with yours
it made life exciting but it closed some doors
word to c****t, my life accelerated and deflated
sunk to the bottom, then elevated till i made it
but you always had my back though
when kids threw rocks at me or on stage rappin
still -- i see kids without love
it brings tears to my soul
but why they always drop up
the world's gone bonkers
you've conquered fear
and as long as i believe
you're the reason i'm here

no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you
no reason to live, without you

L-O-V-E-U, i was made to be with you
made to be with you
made to be with you
L-O-V-E-U, i was made to be with you
made to be with you
made to be with you
L-O-V-E-U, i was made to be with you
made to be with you
made to be with you
L-O-V-E-U, i was made to be with you
made to be with you
made to be with you
L-O-V-E-U, i was made to be with you
made to be with you
made to be with you

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Fell In Love!!

Bila nk final ni lah...
dtg pulak benda2 yg menyesatkan...
menghalang dari terus study~

sgt2 la...
menarik perhatian saya~
knp sekarang??!!!
lepas final ke~
cuti semester ker???!!!!

mangsa terkini~


comelkan? saya suka senyuman dia~
saya rasa buatkn saya tertarik dgn seseorg,
ialah senyuman dia!!!
sgt la sweet....
blog dia
ada english translation tau! dia ABC (American born Chinese)
nama: george hu yu wei.... comel!
tp saya still suka Wilber Pan, Ha Suk Jin, Ethan Ruan, Jensen Ackles~ heeheheee~
+ george hu~ sgt hot!

Ps: Rakan2 sekalian!!! semoga berjaya utk Final!!! semoga dpt jwb dgn jayanya!! berusaha lepas tu tawakal, redha.... Gud Luck semua!!! semoga dpt DL!!! Amin~


assignment Fin dh boleh amek... fiqa dh amekkn dh...
test paper pun dh boleh amek...

ecomal punye on going assessment pun dh boleh tgk dh....

Friday, April 17, 2009


huhu~ selepas meng"click", "click", URL blog org lain...
jumpa blog... ni...tekan...

lepas tu, baca2.. ada personality test... tekan..

Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

entahla... xtau... most of it true..80%...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was thinking~

Why we have to be like others?
Why can't we be ourselves?

Why we be what people want?
Best friend is can take whoever you are.rite? Amirah Akmar? (besties)

Why people want more?
I do, but at times, I would think.. What I have is enough...
so,Naaahhh~ nevermind... who cares rite?

Why we have to flow with the flow?
Why don't we flow with our flow not others?

It would be much easier if we know who we are....
But I know who am I now, but not others...

Why I expect too much?
because I watch TOOOOOOO MMMUUCCCCHHHHH movies!
and it is bad for my health! hahaha~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Stress pulak!!!
ape pun xley jawab ni!!!
ada rasa mcm.. susahnya!!!!!!
bile la nak abes!!!

comel pulak miao ni...
mcm ni la rupa2nya... xder arah tuju...
sesat~ kat dlm otak sendiri?

ps:kalu hujan, mesti xsedarkan diri.. bgn pukul 12.30 tghari tadi!!!
mak kite kata, pagi tadi hujan lebat... xperasan?
kite: huh? hujan? xder pun... hahaha~
*sbnarnya.. tdo mati sbb hujan! slalu mcm tu...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Part of My Life

yela, kata xnk update..
nak study.. tp kat bwh sorg2.. takut pulak.. bosan pun ada.. slalu ada org kena borak2.. (kalu kat kolej la)...

at some point, I felt like,
where is my future?
how far can I go with what I've posses?
my past. what i've done, nothing~

I find myself threathen by my siblings...
before, I dont even think about it, but since I was a kid my mom do compare me with others..
so, now the effect, I compare myself with others...

My Bro,
since he was a kid, always "A" student,
entering this and that,
now! he is double degree holder with lots of money..
except no GF yet~ few flaws *of course right NOONE is PERFECT!!*

My Big Sis,
she has beautiful asset, hehe~
good in study,
doing master even though for me is boring... watching her doing *micro* thing..
She gets straight A for her PMR.. and active in sports.. can understand a bit of mandarin, due to LeeHomisme...

My Lil Sis,
she is dman acive in her school, every every every studious!
Dialog 1: last semester punye..
Lil Sis: fiqah! ko tau x.. aku punye KH teruk dowh...
Fiqah: bape weyh ko dpt?
Lil Sis: aku dpt 76! teruk giler!!
Fiqah: owh, berusaha la ea! baru test.. blum PMR lagi..
*kebenarannya, I never had that high in any subject in school except Math... until SPM pun!*
sbbkn nk bagi dia encourgement.. ckp la mcm tu...
she's very active went for a lot of trips...
she understands mandarin (bcoz of influence by her sisters), understands well korean (because of fanatic in korean artists start from Shinhwa, Fly To The Sky, Jang Wu Hyuk, Epik High, Super Junior, BigBang and the list goes on...)

done nothing right now,
and I don't know how~ to start...
NOTHING! if a director wants to make a movie out of my life,
NO ONE will go and see~ it's too boring... haha~
but at times, I don't care much... coz, I'm live in a comfortable life,
just nothing compare with my siblings...


ps: more cats coming! just stay tuned!

Monday, April 13, 2009

update lagi!! fiqa2x~

want to share..
gossip girl season2 episode 19

Chuck: I losing her (Blair)..,
Serena: then fight for her. as she did for you.
Chuck: I've tried, I've failed..
Serena: then try again.. she's scared chuck...bla..bla.. bla... make her feel safe.

I wish my life have that guy that tried to get me...

oh ya forgot! there's one..
(seriously, I've just remembered him. not to show off.don't misunderstand me!)
but he doesnt dare to call my mom
asking permission to be friend with me...

I know I'm cruel..
but it is the best for you...

For me, insulting is just the way I want you to improve yourself..
not by taking it very deeply and done nothing with it...
insult is a challenge to all of you to prove that you can!
and compliment it doesnt mean that you succeed... try again!!
for those who get insult from me,
dont get me wrong..
It was a advice that I want you all to improve drastically~

Kata xnk UPDATE!!

teruk la,
afiqah ni,
entah jadi habit kot!

kan betul,
mama xcaya! abg bile papa n mama xder. dia baik sgt...
dia masakkn utk fiqa...
kalu mintak duit nk kuar pun dia bg..
tp kalu ada papa mama dia mesti buat bodo jer...

harap sgt abg rupa mcm JENSEN ACKLES!!

tp.. xnk abg tau dia hensem, dia konon2nya dia xtau dia hensem (down to earth la konon)..
pastu dia xder awek... sbb nanti abg kuar rumah jer gi dating,
member2 dia pun biar member2 dia skrg(xtau pun sape)..
badan biar hot mcm JENSEN!
muka dh comel dh.... muka abg... bdan je,.... haih~ no comment la..
duit dh ada, pandai mmg pandai...
tp temper mmg xbley blah! dgn xmemahami adik2 dia... means pompuan...

lagu yg sgt catchy!! but videoclip buruk gile!! tp addicted ngn lagu ni!!!
rasa mcm nak nari sama2... hahah~ Big Bang ngn 2NE1...

Epik High dh kuar album baru!!! sgt suka!!!
COVER.. Map The Soul.. the chinese word to maksudnya "soul"...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

btul la...

btul ckp ko Zikri,
dh terlambat...
sblum ni aku xperasan pun....

benci ko!


Maybe I should.....

Maybe I should stop updating this blog about myself...
Maybe I should put it in another my private blog...

the thing is,
When I write everything down,
I let go all the hate feeling on this blog,
and eventually I forget it...
everything is just a memory...
When I read it back,
I will laugh out loud because funny and I don't remember it at all!!!

maybe I should update in my "private" blog...
"private blog" that no ones reads and no one can read!!
except my bestfriend Michelle Lee...
*but she's bz wif her final year*




update je...
xtp xfrequent kot!
tgk la mcm mane...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


bantal baru yg dikecoh2kan tu!!!!!

sakit ati... leper semacam... mcm xcukup kapas je...

PS: anak manja dpt ape je yg diminta...
dpt dh MP3 baru.. bpk kite belikan..

Friday, April 10, 2009

penat menunggu..

penat tunggu abg nk balik umah dari Bahau nih!!
kena teman dia makan, kalu dia xmakan lagi,
kena simpan nasi goreng yg Lena masak...
pastu kena rendam baju abg..
esok pagi kena sidai..

dh siap nota chapter OFFER (LAW251)
ptg study FIN329
tp sbnrnya, lgi lama main game... hehehe~
ni gmbr saat2 tunggu abg balik...

^baby dia tido mcm nih.. tunggu abg balik.. kite xbuat pape pun kat dia..

^amek gmbr dari atas..

^pastu dia ubah posisi, tutup muka.. sbb bukak lampu..
smbil peluk bantal...
^baby yg mengada+busuk! (serious busuk)


tgh2 update,
abg pun balik..
dia xmakan pun nasi grg sbb dia dh makan...
main ngn baby...
dh rendam pun baju dia ngn lena punye...
nk main game!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

home at last

dh smpi rumah,
naik bus kul 6ptg dr segamat...

balik umah,
makan mee sup mak amirah n amirah masak...
yum2x sedap gile!!!
teme kasih!!


pastu lepak bilik mak bpk kite...
mak kite ada beg lugage baru n lawa!!

pastu main keyboard kat bilik lena,
3 lagu yg slalu main... fur elise, minuet ngn nocturne...
main ikut lampu jer... bukan reti pun.. haha~

pastu bukak internet la.. mcm biasa... update blog ni...
pastu bkk cupboard nmpk!!!!!
mcm best je.. dia feather pillow!!!
dari kecik mmg suka bantal jgk..
pantang je bile bpk kite ada beli bantal baru,
pastu test2.. mcm best.. kte pn dgn baik hatinye,
amek buat harta sendiri.. hahahaa!!!

dh tnye..
kite punye bantal baru... YEA!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Cinderella Story.

just finished watch "Another Cinderella Story"


the movie made me cry *like always, I cry every story la!*
the movie and dance move are very exciting...
but the movie could be more interesting...

but like always, it just a movie, a story that make me feel like I want a guy like that...
minus the touching and kissing!

When will I found my "Bai Ma Wang Zi?"
or called White horse prince in direct translation... or prince in shining amour in english?
my chinese friends,
they always said that my "Bai Ma Wang Zi" would be chinese guy.. haha~
we wait and see... but I'm not hoping for chinese with "sepet" eyes...
coz,I have a pair!!

like always, anyone wants this movie, gimme ur storage device?

ps: forgive me, because I need a break from assignments!! I need to watch a movie...
jgn ingt kite goyang kaki.. hahaha~

Ko x rasa mcm MELAMPAU ke?!

xla, xmelampau...
aku xmenyesal pun (walaupun bukan aku sorg yg decide)..
mmg patut buat mcm tu...

sbnrnya, tgh study EcoMal ada quiz n presentation esok.
pastu tertdo, ada msg masuk...
"knp ko buat dia mcm tu? ko xrasa melampau sgt ke?"

jwpn dia tidak sama sekali!
perkara ni, mesti akan menjadi perbualan hebat diantara kaum2 adam di UiTM segamat ni. dan seperti biasa, kaum adam di UiTM ni mana ada yg matang... mesti nk support member punye... kan?

nanti group Viva, mesti xder sape nk masuk group kiteorg yg hanya terdiri dgn Azrina dan Afiqah sahaja... disbbkn kes ni...

aku takut ke?
haha! aku akan hadapi nya ngn penuh kesabaran dan xkan putus asa sbb aku xder segelintir pun rasa kesian... YOU MESS WITH THE WRONG PERSON!!! ingt aku sorg bdk pompuan yg gemok n xcomel n byk ckp!! ko ingt senang2 nk pndg rendah kat aku?!!!
*nmpk sgt aku ni pompuan yg hati batu kalah laki!*

dh xtau buat ke xsmpat buat ke, ckp awal2! bukan last minit nk bgtau... aku dh bgtau yg aku xpuas hati ngn result ko sblum ni. bukan aku xbg peluang! aku dh percaya ngn kau yg ko boleh dgn bg task2 yg normally, org lain boleh buat! kire aku mmg xpandang rendah lngsg kat ko.
sekali first task,
sgt mengecewakan,
lagi skali!
pun sama...
aku bg kau 2 chances!! YOU MESSED IT ALL UP!

kaum adam mesti akan fikir,
ye lah kan, support member n kaum sendiri...

mesti sume pndg hina la kat aku ni....
ni blum Viva lagi, kalu Viva?
mcm mane lah!

korg jgn ingt, senang2 jer nk pijak2 kaum hawa ni,
kami adalah org yg lemah... tp since korg dh buat mcm ni,
mmg dh xder respect dh la...
rasa2 nk try!! sebarkn benda2 yg bukan sbnrnya, try la...
tgk la sejauh mana NUR AFIQAH KHALID akan pergi!!!
dh la anak manja! kan??!!
bila sdh rasa tercabar, dan aku mengambil tindakan,
sume org akan benci aku dan aku xmungkin ada kwn dh... btul kan?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jgn salah paham...

saya bukan nk mintak simpati....
tp luahan hati...

baru lepas test 2 fin329,
xleh jawab, disbbkn smlm sakit,
tdo je la jwbnya...

xlarat nk buat ape2,
sakit badan, tangn, kepala, tengkuk...
perut (sbb lapar la jgk)... kepala ni berdenyut2...

ticket bus xbeli lagi,
nk baliknye next week,
nk outing dh tentu xlarat..
nk pesan kat org sume org kata xouting..
ada satu je la harapan saya...
harap2 dia outing...

esok n lusa nk buat assignment,
bcom ngn ecomal...
tu sgt la byk kejenye~
lagi la tu pun xlarat...
harap2 saya kuat! haha~

telepon mak kite:
A: ma.
M: hah!! mcm mane test tadi?
A: xleh jwb, fiqa xpegi penawar sbb lupa bwk kad matrix.
M: Hmm...
A: knp bising sgt? mama meeting ke?
M: xla, dlm lif nk gi meeting
A: (dlm hati, kesian mama kena pegi meeting, balik kul bape plak ni)..
ma, fiqa xbeli ticket lagi tau!!
M: knp xbeli?
A: sbb xder masa nk outing, nk outing bile2 pun xsempat... suro abg amek bley?
M: ISH!! ABG KEJE ODD HOURS(xtau ape maksud tu).. xleh...
A: mcm tu, fiqa ada kemungkinan xbalik la tau!
M: ish knp pulak?!!! beli la ticket bile2.. kirim kat kwn ke?!!
A: dh tnye! sume xouting... (sbnrnya ada seorg, tp dia xsure)
*sbnrnya, dh biasa dh mcm ni, asal nk letak telepon je meeting... kesian mak kite, bz sgt2...
*phm, mintak duit kat papa, mama ngn abg jgk...
*mintak brg kat papa, mama, abg, lena ngn syadia jgk...


ps: kalu ada masanya, nmpk kite mengada2 nk mampus,
sila abaikan n silalah kutuk2 saya ye!! hehe~
maklum la... xcukup kasih syg... haha!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

cerita tlg k.nisa~

smlm mlm,

tlg kak nisa buat interview BD...
pasal kerepek...
ni dia.. kerepek nya...
sedap!! yum2...

mangsa pertama,
zikri.. terima kasih daun keladi kat zikri sbb sudi tlg..
*gmbar xder.. harap maaf*
nk icecream ni~ ada marshmelow~

mangsa kedua,
masita ngn neha,
tersrmpak biler nk withdraw duit kat bank islam...

mangsa ketiga,
shaz (bdk wing dulu, part2)
kat intan wing belakang...

mangsa keempat,
kwn kak nisa, Encik Latiff yg budiman ngn kwn k.nisa jgk.. nama xtau...

kat depan library..
terjumpa dgn... dia!!!
terkejut!! hati berdebar2...
tetiba je hati ni rasa excited semcm...
nk je peluk2 dia~