Monday, April 13, 2009

update lagi!! fiqa2x~

want to share..
gossip girl season2 episode 19

Chuck: I losing her (Blair)..,
Serena: then fight for her. as she did for you.
Chuck: I've tried, I've failed..
Serena: then try again.. she's scared chuck...bla..bla.. bla... make her feel safe.

I wish my life have that guy that tried to get me...

oh ya forgot! there's one..
(seriously, I've just remembered him. not to show off.don't misunderstand me!)
but he doesnt dare to call my mom
asking permission to be friend with me...

I know I'm cruel..
but it is the best for you...

For me, insulting is just the way I want you to improve yourself..
not by taking it very deeply and done nothing with it...
insult is a challenge to all of you to prove that you can!
and compliment it doesnt mean that you succeed... try again!!
for those who get insult from me,
dont get me wrong..
It was a advice that I want you all to improve drastically~


Ummul said...

gile ah!
agak kejam jugak ar..huhu

Fiqa said...

dunia mmg kejam....

hazieANDyusra said...

ada epi 18 n 19 dah??
nak nakk

Fiqa said...

bley2... bg la pendrive ye!

nadia raha said...

kejam kadang2 cara yang paling effective sebenarnya.