Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fundamental of Afiqah #1

When I'm stressed or being pressured things that I usually do:-
  1. Expressing myself at my private blog "MY BLOODY DIARY" which contain all my secrets and my true feeling. That blog is so ex-rated, so no one should view it. hehee~
  2. listen to MP3 as loud as my ear can take and sing like I'm the only one who exist. My MP3 which contains korean and mandarin songs only, which the lyrics "saya main taram je!!" So, the sound would not sound that plesant.
  3. cursing in Mandarin about it. This depends on movie that I'm currently watching. Like now, I'm watching mandarin drama "MoMo Love", so most of the disagreement I will use in Mandarin. simple words. Why? because I did not have any rights to voice out my opinion, so I kept it to myself.
  4. go for jogging at the top floor of my house. At the top level of my house, there is a "thing"( I don't know what it called). I usually run on it (but IT is not treadmill). Usually, when I'm stressed, the speed are usually more faster but still within 20 mins until 25mins.
  5. Lastly, I'll cry my lungs out. The last resort is, crying my lungs out. until there is no more tears.
  6. then, stare at picture of JENSEN ACKLES smiling. Then I'll smile too!! hehee~

when I comment on posts where have smiley icons. like ^_^ I usually make the same expression when typing it. hehe~

today lesson ends today,
stay tuned for more "Fundamental of Afiqah #2"
See you soon.
Any question or comment leave it below, I'll repond to my students. ^_^



azrina said...

maaf cikgu saya datang lambat..
apa yg cikgu dh ajar tadi?? leh ulang?
kihkihkih! :)

Fiqa said...

eh???!! azrina?? mane comment awak?
dah hilang. tu la. Jadi anak murid yg tak dgr waktu lecture

mengelamun je~

first warning, or else,
fail, next sem amek lagi subject ni.

Ummul said...

is there anyone that i can refer for this subject?
i dont really undrstand..haha

Fiqa said...

amin jgk!!

nope. there no reference or textbook.
If you don't understand,
focus HARDER!!

azrina said...

comment? comment ape?

(garangnye lecturer ni.. kawan2! jom tukar kelas.. amik lecturer lain!)

Ummul said...

garang la cikgu nih..=(

Fiqa said...

waktu dah publish comment azrina bile view takde pulak. tapi bile kte dah post comment tetiba comment tu dah ada balik.

hahaa~ tukar la.. tak kesah =P

heheee~ ala. macam tak biasa je dpt lecturer garang.. hahahaa XD