Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it a crime?

Last Sunday,
went to a showcase promoting "Tao Hua Xiao Mei".
to see 5 hot guys. At Sg.Wang.

of course the place will be crowded with chinese ma.
then, people will start staring at you. awkwardly.

Those people who are friendly enough would say,
"eh, hai. you came to see who?"

but those will also ask these question,
"you malay come to see chinese guys ah?"
"you can understand wan ar?"

they'll just insulted you in their languages.

I thought we should be open minded about these things?
There are a lot of malays and indians and other races can speak chinese also ma.
I have chinese friends that can speak fluent in Malay without the slang also ma.

is it that weird?
we are the multi race country.
haven't you encounter at least one?

if I lazy to "layan" you,
I'll answer "because now is 1Malaysia la."
Be open minded okay. <--"I'm talking to myself" hahaha~

I enjoys the facial expression when people shocked what you able to do.

caught, guilty.
hoping this entry would not bring anyone's rage.
just think about it.



Michelle :) said...

hahaha, kadang2 pandangan org lain xpenting..asalkan fiqah boleh speak and undstnd mandarin...hehe...glad i have a fren yg paham mando! :)

Fiqa said...

I glad to meet you too.
Your are the first person that I brave enough to speak mandarin to.

the first sentence I remembered.
"wo bushi gu yi de"