Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour + Dinner = Darkness...

Earth Hour

some text

ni la, gmbr dr ampaian..
tp notice utk Earth hour ni lambatnye~
ptg tu baru nk psang?!!!
kite ngn k.nisa gi jln2 kat uitm...

some text
Dgn k.nisa

some text
apa yg ada, hanya kegelapan..

some text
dkt admin!!

some text


pegi dgn fatin (rumate k.nisa)

some text

some text
ni la fatin.. kami saje pakai caler sama...

some text
ini la akibatnye lapar!!!

earth hour best!!
dinner, hmm... kali pertama, kite xmakn makanan abes...
membazir tul..
tp ada tanda2 makanan tu mcm dh nk basi
lagipun kite sakit perut pagi tadi n tadi.. huhu~

Sunday, March 29, 2009


dh la selsema,
sakit tekak plak tu...
sejak semlm...

mlm ni ada dinner sector B.. xtau la pegi ke x...
pegi kot.. dpt mkn.. hehe~

mengidam nk makan kek...

some text

some text

sape la nk belikan utk kite... huuhu~
mcm xder sape jer...

saje masukkn salingan miao....
some text

Ps: nk yg boleh dimakan~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Was Thinking~

I was watching a taiwanese movie title "My Queen".
Main cast by Ehtan Ruan Yin Tian.. (he such a hottie!!)

Ethan Ruan

a story about,
a woman that fell in love with a man that 8 years younger than her.

she was evey independent and doesnt need any man or person to rely on.
but, this story made me think about "the guy".
would my story of life would be like that?

but like always,
this is only a fantasy drama,
this life wouldn't be like this...

it just a drama,
where they want to achieve the best drama of the year...
i'm just an ordinary girl,
always thinking about these ridiculous imagination.

in the bright side,
I don't really think about "him" that often...
I don't miss him that much...
I don't care about him that much...
hahahaa *evil laugh*

I'm glad that I'm not THAT depressed about this thing anymore.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Survey for My Type of Guy...

Favorite Hair Color?
+ Black. Of course!!

Do Like Long Or Short Hair?
+ Short. Like Jensen Ackles, Wilber Pan n Ha Suk Jin. That short ok!!

Eye Color?
+ Asian Color la!!

Body Type?
+ Don't care.. As Long he is nice to me.

Taller Or Shorter Than You?
+ prefer taller, if shorter, Murah rezeki kan?

Older or Younger Than You?
+ hmm... He must matured than I am..

Do You Like Your Guys To Wear Pink?
+ light pink, somtimes only, not everytime!!

How Do You Feel About Tight Pants?

Should Music Be Important To Him?
+ Don't care.

Lighter Skin Or Darker Skin?
+ Don;t care also...

Do You Like Pretty Boys Or Average Guys?
+ Tgk rezeki~

Hot Or Cute?
+ entah.. xkesah la...

What If He Has A Super Stupid Name?
+ PAss..

Rich Or Average?
+ he have to work hard if he has a job..

Lots Of Friends That Are Girls Or Guys?
+ plz have more guys.. or I'll get jealous..

This Or That

Long Curly Hair Or Straight Long Hair?
+ None!! no Long hair!!!

Rap Or Rock Music Scene?
+ hmm... dun;t know

Relationship Or Just Hooking Up With Him?
+ relationship!!

Movies Or A Dance?
+ movies...

Horror Or Romantic Movie To Watch With Him? His Style
+ Romantic.. but,, DUH!!Where you want to find that kind of guy?

How Do You Feel About Goth Guys?
+ yuck!!

Geeky Guys?
+ My bro is geeky.. I guess ok~

Emo Guys?
+ not on my list.

Preppy Guys?
+ not on my list too..

Jocky Guys?
+ not on my list too too..

+ nope

Gangster Guys?
+ nope

What About Bi Guys?
+ nope infinity

Mop Top Or Corn Rows?

Glasses Or Not?
+ both prefered..

Polos Or Band Shirts?
+ dunt care as long he is him

What Would You Do If:

He Sang Your Favorite Song To You, But He Sucked And Messed It Up?
+ I don't care, bcoz he sings my fav song!!

He Played Dumb Stupid Jokes On You All The Time?
+ I'll ignore him for 2 days

He Wrote A Song That You Thought Was About You, But Was About His Car?
+ I'll kill him!!

His Guy Friends Mean More To Him Than You?
+ nevermind.. or i'll just advice to him, FIND OTHER FRIENDS!!

He Cheated On You?
+ I'll break up with him!! JERK!!

He Started Speaking To You In A Different Language?
+ I'll Speak to him alien language..

He Started Out Sweet But Then Turned Bitter?
+ As long I can stand and except the way he is.

A Little More About Him

Do You Like Your Guys To Stand Straight Or Slouch?
+ Straight

Would It Matter To You If He Played World Of Warcraft?
+ nope, dont care.

Shy Guys Or Super Outgoing?
+ in the middle

Looks Or Personaliy?

Do You Like Your Guys To Play Instruments?
+ if he can. if he can't he can still learn..

What Do You Prefer In Looks?
+ Clean look!! Smart with short hair!

Black Or Blonde Hair?
+Black only!!

Green Or Brown Eyes?
+ brown

Spiked Hair In Back Straight In Front Or Just Messy
+ Short hair!! hahahahaa~

Tucks His Shirt In Or Just Lets It Hang Out?
+ no tuck in!!! YUCK!

Flip Flops Or Normal Shoes?
+ flip flop

Looks Like His Mom Dressed Him Or Himself With His Own Style?
+ of course on his own.

Make-up Or Not?
+ of course not!!

Big Sunglasses Or Small Reflective Ones?
+ anything just he dont look silly..


Milford Sound in New Zealand

ps: to choose this picture made me spend a lot of time!!! damn hot!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009



teringat Mr.James yg ajar BEL311(Lecture) last sem...

perkataan sorry itu adalah alasan semata2...

perkataan yg pendek dan sebagai alasan yg nk lari dari kesalahan yg kite tlh buat...

saya bersetuju dgn pendapat Mr.James.
bg saya, mmg slalu kte menyebut perkataan "sorry"..
knp? sbb terlanggar org tu...

tp, saya xsuka dgr perkataan tu slalu...
merimaskan!! kalu dh kite ni member, saling kenal mengenali...
perlu ke ckp sorry kalu bukan kes yg besar2,
setkat tolong sket2 xper la..

tp kalu dh menguris hati org tu mmg la kena ckp...
tp perkataan sorry tu mcm xcukup ikhlas... pendek sgt.. hehe~
saya mmg demand tinggi sket...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


at last LAW...

xleh jwb pun..

harap2 ada miracle happen...

tp sbbkn dh berusaha bersungguh2...

saya telah "merewardkan" diri sendiri Ice Cream yg ada marshmellow tu..
RM1.20... SEDAP!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Junior buli Senior~

nk tau x!!!

ada la sorg junior ni,
suka buli senior dia...

dia tarik rambut senior dia...
dia minum neslo senior dia...
dia tolak senior dia hampir masuk longkang...
dia pukul *tut* senior dia kuat2...
dia buli senior dia beli makanan...
dia amek air kotak senior dia...
dia amek slipar senior dia...


Ps: blogger ni jahat!! xleh upload gmbr, nanti korg bosan tgk kite punye blog...

Biar la..

dh xnk update dh la..
tipu jer...

dh xder benda nk kongsi ngn korg...
anyway~ Gud Luck for Exam!! hehehe~


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can't concentrate

He does still here,
I can’t study like this,
What ever he does,
Still entertains me,
Even though he hurt me before

Even though we always fought a lot,
I always make him fed up,
Insulted him badly,
Although he don’t remember anything about me
Why are you still here?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

mulut orang.

merujuk kpada perkara di atas,

ye la kan, mulut orang, mane nk bley suruh tutup....
mulut saya pun lagi la xleh tutup...

satu ayat, boleh bwk byk sgt maksud.
dan kite berhak utk interpret or manipulate apa yg kite nk,
dan berhak bgtau kwn kite kan??
that's how I view things....

ada la pulak,
dgr khabar,
yang kata kite ni nk balik kat dia.

bg sesiapa yang menganggap kite nk sgt kat dia balik tu,
tlg la, tlg la,
xnk la!! xberbaloi!!!
mmg la,perasaan sayang tu ADA.. nak buat ape kan... setia~ (perasan!)
bukan setia, first time nk mengada2 couple2 ni...

perasaan dan akal adalah perkara yang berbeza,bg saya
saya adlh sorg yg materialistic.ego yg sgt la tinggi.
ego dari satu aspek jer... saya SGT EGO terhadap kaum "LELAKI"

knp? xtau, dan xkesah...

kalu korg nk tego2 kata yang kite ni ape2 la...
boleh, boleh terima, tp kdng2 tgk la sape yg tego tu...
kalu org tu 2 x 5 jer...
agak mcm.. ehm3...

bg sesiapa yg xpuas ati kn..
boleh la sound saya directly,
tp maruah org lain kena jaga jugak kan?

kerjasama anda adalah amat dihargai.
sekian terima kasih..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

dedicated to who?

Dedicate to who?

I don't know why,
I felt like you was here,
But after that,
My head will tell and,
I’ll make sure that you are not worth it,
It’s not someone else anymore.

Hoping someone else would came by,
That is better than you,
As my mom always says...
It’s not like in the movie or songs,
The story won't be like that,
It won't be that perfect

It was you, who made the decision,
Its not undue influence in Section 16(1).

be honest to myself,
but i don't know what my heart tells..
but I did tell you my true feelings,
but I guess it just a memory for me while at youth,
Where I can laugh when I remember it all back.

Other person do came by,
There are better than you,
But I don't know why I can't accept them,
I don't know whether you are still here,
I hope not... because you don't really care.

You are not the reason for me to live,
It is because of God who gives me life,
You are not everything,
it just a story that written in the BOOK,
Where you made that decision.

Ps: if you made another confession,
I don't know what will I do,
But it won't happen right?
I was all a JOKE for you~
I know, you will pretend it wasn't you
Because you are coward...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


brdbnd ni ada problem la pulak!!
pastu.. en. Acap call guna YM....
nyanyi dlm 4 lagu kot.. sbb signal teruk... tersekat2 la...
pastu kite kata "nyanyi bersungguh2"
dia marah.. dia pun terus offline~
kesian dia...
"maaf tau en. Acap~ huuhuuu~
gambar ni dituju khas utk en. acap sbgi tnda minta maaf...
*gmbr xleh upload...*

bg la pendrive, kite bg citer slumdog millionaire tu... pass la kat sape2..
ke, bwk la pendrive tu ke mana2, kite kn slalu terserempak.. maklum la...
Uitm ni xla besar sgt.. Jgn la marah~

dulu sekola mane der org bagi kite coklat...
first time dpt chocolate MARS n Milky Bar (Acap bagi)
pastu baru2 ni, dpt dari Zikri sbb kite slalu sgt (dari part 1)
mintak dia belanja.. haha~ at last dpt..
"mungkin dia dh bosan, Si Fiqa ni slalu mintak belanja ni la, tu la...
rimas2 dia bg je coklat ni..."

lepas 2 tahun.. terima kasih Zikri!!!
pastu k.nisa bg pulak, (k.nisa slalu je bg kite coklat)

kite ni, ape pun makan (yg halal la)...
tp xmkan durian jer.. yg lain xmemilih..

Friday, March 13, 2009


xder class,
bangun la pukul 12tghari!!!
xsedarkan diri!!
rupa2nya, hujan~ sbb tu la sedap tdo xsedarkan diri!!!

lagipun penat lar lately ni~

Assignment EcoMal dh hantar smlm!! dgn Azrina!!!
Tahniah azrina~! hahaha~

bangun2, buli rumate belikan nasi ayam kat dining,
makan, pastu study la LAW ni~ buat nota..
smlm sibuk stdy marketing~ mlm ni nk study EcoMal, tp tgk la mcm mane~


mlm ni ada ceramah, katanya wajib.. huhu~

nk strolling petang ni, tpkn.. hujan jer dari td~ sejuk!!
pakai sweater ni! hehehee~

huhu~ mcm2 benda nk buat sbnarnya....

tp study dulu!! asyik2 ngn assignment jer... penat!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


kenapa blog ni xkasi kite post!!!

dengki ea!!!

stimulus plan kedua dh dikeluarkan sbyk RM60billion, utk membantu rakyat malaysia dpt kerja dan juga menggelakkan drpd negara kite menghdapi recession...
tp, tu la apa yg kita hadapi skrg...
sepnjg tahun, di JB sahaja dh 30,000 org hilang kerja...

tp akibat dari stimulus plan ni... byk foreign investor ada confidence untuk invest in our country~ currency RM dh increase!!
yea!! hidup Malaysia...
moga2 sumer dpt kerja, dan apabila saya grad, harap2 ada kerja untuk saya!! hehehe~

Monday, March 9, 2009

susahnya bulan MARCH ni~

dh selamat balik cmpus,
cuti mmg best,
tp xder internet kat umah, xleh guna~
bosan gak la..
shopping best, cumer, xder sape nk lyn...

tidak pasti sama ada kamu masih kat dlm hati ni ke x...
tp,semestinya sesuatu yg xakan berlaku...
usaha dh.. so, terserah je la...

tetiba rasa mcm xpatut, tp mmg dh lama nk buat,
kpd 'bdk' sorg tu... kite sorry sbb waktu kamu nk amek periksa important ni yg tentukn masuk university
kite buat mcm tu. xreply MSG... call skali tu pun xangkat...

ada kala nya,
kite berharap, nk sesuatu,
bile dh berlaku,
kite rasa, xbest pun!! xnk la!!
tp in the first place!!
sendiri yg mintak!!

hmm.. penting ke?
xkan!! luaran je.. buat ape kan??
tp setiap kali, bile kite jadi mcm biasa,
msti ada perkara yg x diingini berlaku...
kalu buat sombong2, xckp pape,
mesti perkara2 tu x berlaku,
hmmm... susah2...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


baru sedar,
dh berminggu2 xmain game lgsg!! rumate pun kata..
izza: Dh lama xtgk fiqa main game, dulu slalu nmpk fiqa main game
huhu~ disebbkn test n assignment dh lama xmain game!
kalu x.. tiap2 ptg mesti dpn laptop main game...

kat rumah,
balik2... dpt tau yg internet xboleh guna,
sbb wayering ape tah... huhu~
dh la tertinggal brdbnd kat campus!!
nasib baik k.nisa tlg bwk blk...
tp dia pass kat En.Epul (bf k.nisa)
smpi skrg sgt takut ngn dia!! muka agak garang n xberapa friendly..hahaha!!
tp diaorg sweet la together... klakar!!
InsyaALLAH kalu jodoh pnjg n murah rezeki,*antara En.Epul ngn K.nisa* ye la!! sape lagi!!
K.nisa kahwin jgn lupa jemput fiqa!!!

tp tu la...
internet connection sgt la teruk~
nk dwld lagu baru xleh.. nk dwld GAME BARU pun xleh!!!
nk main game baru!! huhuu~

PS: masih rindu dkt TOMPOK!!
tima kasih kepada sume yg membaca!!
title blog nih dh kena tukar ke??

Thursday, March 5, 2009


yea!!! fin punye presentation dh selesai!!!

tp agak disappointed sbb, KNP XDER ORG NK TNYE?
ingtkn korg nk la bersungguh2 tnye... penat jer...
tdo kul 2.30pg, bangun kul 6.30pg!!
ada kena buat report plak...

ada class ECOMAL lepas ni,
pastu balik ngn azrina~
beg baru je kemas, bilik xsempat la...
kalu mak kite naik bilik mesti kena marah punye!!!
sbb bilik sgt bersepah!!
baju x lipat lar...



Wednesday, March 4, 2009



susahnye jadi orang ni,
buat ni, buat tu, sume orang akan menilai.

tp sbgi orang, saya TAK boleh TAK menilai orang lain.

knp ea?

knp ada orang yg suka bwk mulut?
citer yg xbetul? kalu betul pun, perlu ke bgtau sume orang?

kalu jadi kucing,
buat muka comel, mengada2 sket, dgr ckp orang,
dh ada orang bela, senang, duduk rumah, makan pun dh bg,
kalu bosan sket, guling2 atas lantai, ajak orang tu main.. dh~
ape susah2...
*abaikan perenggan ni*
*xnk pun jadi kucing*
*sbb dh comel mcm kucing*
*2 in 1*
*senang kan?*
*tp keadaan di atas slalu dilakukan oleh saya!*
*kat rumah rajin buat mcm ni*
*sbb tu kucing kat rumah tu TAK suka kite! sbb kite competitor dia!!*

byk kena buat, fikir, dugaan..

kite balik khamis!! yeah!!!
tp kena btul2 bangun jumaat pagi tu!!!
pegi exercise ngn jiran sblh!! kesian dia... hehhehee~

bulan MAC ni ada byknye!! test!!!
mcm mane ni? huhuuuu~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

|Eng:Time| BM:Masa| Mndrn: Shi Jian| Korean: Si Gan|

xder masa,
utk segala2nya...

mock meeting batal pagi tadi,
so, ganti rabu petang atas permintaan ramai...
khamis ada presentation company analysis..
khamis petg balik umah!!
ada assignment law!! jgn lupe!!
ngn EcoMal!!! bile la nk abes ngn assignment memanjang...
ada report writing lagi!~

selama ni,
xpernah rasa:
xder masa nk tdo,
xder masa nk basuh baju,
xde masa nk gayut
xder masa nk msg2
xder masa nk kemas bilik
xder masa nk lipat baju
xder masa nk dgr lagu (mp3 dh rosak pun!!)
sem ni je terasa...

routine setakat ni,
bangun pagi, pegi memaksa diri pegi mandi..
sarapan, susu ngn biskut ke ape2 la..
online. baca blog org lain (kalu rajin).
pastu bukak TheStarOnline ngn Bloomberg
yg lain mcm ngn taonline or theegde blum terasa nk bukak lagi..
2 ni pun nk bacanya sgt la lama...
slalunye baca pasal economi skrg ape jadi... best!! (akibat dari VIVA aritu)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Module masuk hutan~

tadi module,
start pukul 2.. kat PI...
group 38 drpd 40..

entah knp, xrasa bosan pun.
ok jer..

kat sebelah ni ada la gmbr2 waktu akhir2 module...
pasal sejarah yg xboleh jwp la...
tp mmg penat, dari jumaat hari tu smpi ari ni..
esk lg ada b-com mock meeting...
ada fin punye presentation lagi..
ada ecomal punye assignment lagi...
report writing b-com lagi~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BTN dan Kucing!

first slot best!!
duduk ngn azrina, hazel, ela, amirah n friends..

*project styling ngn azrina!! nk pooh yg pakai costume singa, beli dkt hongkong*

second slot, Bosan nk mampus!!
dh pulak syarif sms,
udang tdo kat sblh aku nih,
dh berdengkur!! haahaaah~
tp udang sms, mane ada, syarif tipu!!
Ps: korg ni klakar la!!!

mlm tu,
turun dataran beli mknn ngn rumate n k.ain...
terserempak ngn miao kat SL ari tu yg masuk class waktu jwp test 1 LAW!
sgt comel,
bwk balik bilik,
lap2 dia *sbb dia kotor sgt*
dh ada kurap sket... kesian dia..
main ngn dia.. pastu dia pegi main kat tmpt lain...

Inilah dia... tompok!

Tompok!!! fiqa dh rindu sgt kat tompok!!!
kalu baca blog ni!! tlg la dtg bilik kite!!!
Intan 305A tau!!! yg aritu kena mandi dlm sinki tu!!