Sunday, March 15, 2009

dedicated to who?

Dedicate to who?

I don't know why,
I felt like you was here,
But after that,
My head will tell and,
I’ll make sure that you are not worth it,
It’s not someone else anymore.

Hoping someone else would came by,
That is better than you,
As my mom always says...
It’s not like in the movie or songs,
The story won't be like that,
It won't be that perfect

It was you, who made the decision,
Its not undue influence in Section 16(1).

be honest to myself,
but i don't know what my heart tells..
but I did tell you my true feelings,
but I guess it just a memory for me while at youth,
Where I can laugh when I remember it all back.

Other person do came by,
There are better than you,
But I don't know why I can't accept them,
I don't know whether you are still here,
I hope not... because you don't really care.

You are not the reason for me to live,
It is because of God who gives me life,
You are not everything,
it just a story that written in the BOOK,
Where you made that decision.

Ps: if you made another confession,
I don't know what will I do,
But it won't happen right?
I was all a JOKE for you~
I know, you will pretend it wasn't you
Because you are coward...

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