Friday, March 27, 2009

Survey for My Type of Guy...

Favorite Hair Color?
+ Black. Of course!!

Do Like Long Or Short Hair?
+ Short. Like Jensen Ackles, Wilber Pan n Ha Suk Jin. That short ok!!

Eye Color?
+ Asian Color la!!

Body Type?
+ Don't care.. As Long he is nice to me.

Taller Or Shorter Than You?
+ prefer taller, if shorter, Murah rezeki kan?

Older or Younger Than You?
+ hmm... He must matured than I am..

Do You Like Your Guys To Wear Pink?
+ light pink, somtimes only, not everytime!!

How Do You Feel About Tight Pants?

Should Music Be Important To Him?
+ Don't care.

Lighter Skin Or Darker Skin?
+ Don;t care also...

Do You Like Pretty Boys Or Average Guys?
+ Tgk rezeki~

Hot Or Cute?
+ entah.. xkesah la...

What If He Has A Super Stupid Name?
+ PAss..

Rich Or Average?
+ he have to work hard if he has a job..

Lots Of Friends That Are Girls Or Guys?
+ plz have more guys.. or I'll get jealous..

This Or That

Long Curly Hair Or Straight Long Hair?
+ None!! no Long hair!!!

Rap Or Rock Music Scene?
+ hmm... dun;t know

Relationship Or Just Hooking Up With Him?
+ relationship!!

Movies Or A Dance?
+ movies...

Horror Or Romantic Movie To Watch With Him? His Style
+ Romantic.. but,, DUH!!Where you want to find that kind of guy?

How Do You Feel About Goth Guys?
+ yuck!!

Geeky Guys?
+ My bro is geeky.. I guess ok~

Emo Guys?
+ not on my list.

Preppy Guys?
+ not on my list too..

Jocky Guys?
+ not on my list too too..

+ nope

Gangster Guys?
+ nope

What About Bi Guys?
+ nope infinity

Mop Top Or Corn Rows?

Glasses Or Not?
+ both prefered..

Polos Or Band Shirts?
+ dunt care as long he is him

What Would You Do If:

He Sang Your Favorite Song To You, But He Sucked And Messed It Up?
+ I don't care, bcoz he sings my fav song!!

He Played Dumb Stupid Jokes On You All The Time?
+ I'll ignore him for 2 days

He Wrote A Song That You Thought Was About You, But Was About His Car?
+ I'll kill him!!

His Guy Friends Mean More To Him Than You?
+ nevermind.. or i'll just advice to him, FIND OTHER FRIENDS!!

He Cheated On You?
+ I'll break up with him!! JERK!!

He Started Speaking To You In A Different Language?
+ I'll Speak to him alien language..

He Started Out Sweet But Then Turned Bitter?
+ As long I can stand and except the way he is.

A Little More About Him

Do You Like Your Guys To Stand Straight Or Slouch?
+ Straight

Would It Matter To You If He Played World Of Warcraft?
+ nope, dont care.

Shy Guys Or Super Outgoing?
+ in the middle

Looks Or Personaliy?

Do You Like Your Guys To Play Instruments?
+ if he can. if he can't he can still learn..

What Do You Prefer In Looks?
+ Clean look!! Smart with short hair!

Black Or Blonde Hair?
+Black only!!

Green Or Brown Eyes?
+ brown

Spiked Hair In Back Straight In Front Or Just Messy
+ Short hair!! hahahahaa~

Tucks His Shirt In Or Just Lets It Hang Out?
+ no tuck in!!! YUCK!

Flip Flops Or Normal Shoes?
+ flip flop

Looks Like His Mom Dressed Him Or Himself With His Own Style?
+ of course on his own.

Make-up Or Not?
+ of course not!!

Big Sunglasses Or Small Reflective Ones?
+ anything just he dont look silly..


Milford Sound in New Zealand

ps: to choose this picture made me spend a lot of time!!! damn hot!!


fae said...

cute dow!

^fairyha^ said...

Lee Hom lg hot kot!

Tapi kan fiqa, same la ngn lena suke lelaki rmbt pendek and smart and kemas.

Fiqa said...

Fae: mmg cute!! hahaha~

dh nama kite adik beradik, mybe sbb papa ngn abg rambut pendek kot...
lee hom tu kurus keding... jensen ni, dia bdn tough~

^fairyha^ said...

Lena x suke rambut papa n abang. Haha~

Eh, mane plak leehom kurus keding. Tough tau.

P/S: Knp x letak chatbox?