Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Was Thinking~

I was watching a taiwanese movie title "My Queen".
Main cast by Ehtan Ruan Yin Tian.. (he such a hottie!!)

Ethan Ruan

a story about,
a woman that fell in love with a man that 8 years younger than her.

she was evey independent and doesnt need any man or person to rely on.
but, this story made me think about "the guy".
would my story of life would be like that?

but like always,
this is only a fantasy drama,
this life wouldn't be like this...

it just a drama,
where they want to achieve the best drama of the year...
i'm just an ordinary girl,
always thinking about these ridiculous imagination.

in the bright side,
I don't really think about "him" that often...
I don't miss him that much...
I don't care about him that much...
hahahaa *evil laugh*

I'm glad that I'm not THAT depressed about this thing anymore.

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