Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was thinking~

Why we have to be like others?
Why can't we be ourselves?

Why we be what people want?
Best friend is can take whoever you are.rite? Amirah Akmar? (besties)

Why people want more?
I do, but at times, I would think.. What I have is enough...
so,Naaahhh~ nevermind... who cares rite?

Why we have to flow with the flow?
Why don't we flow with our flow not others?

It would be much easier if we know who we are....
But I know who am I now, but not others...

Why I expect too much?
because I watch TOOOOOOO MMMUUCCCCHHHHH movies!
and it is bad for my health! hahaha~


bonbon chaud said...

berfikir menjadikan kamu lebih memahami,and the last ending of your entry mmg unexpected byk tgk movie...tak pe saya pun suka tgk movie...jgn over udah...slmt mlm.

coutasz said...

kalau kau nak tau kan...
wat pe kau nak ikut pe orang suh kau jd......
jd je pe kau nak jd janji kau tak nyusah kan orang len..
mcm aku,aku nak jd ultraman so tak de lar nyusahkan orang pun....hahaha

Fiqa said...

thanks coz baca blog kite!
tp tgk movie, makes kite x berada di realiti la.. huhu~

haha~ susahkan org pe kalu ko nk jadi ultraman~ sbb, kalu ultraman ada raksaksa!! abeh la m'sia ni!