Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I've learned so far

Men are like RUBBER BANDS. Women are like WAVES

we have to respect each others differences to be able to live in this planet.

men and women are equally complicated!!!
hahaa~ that's the truth and you all knew it!!

but, sadly.
when I know the truth.
I shouldn't let my ego controlled me that time.
I shouldn't have been ssoooooo angry at you.
I'm sorry. It wasn't your fault. =)

but time couldn't turned back.
so, things happened.


dionzo de sauza said...

everyone wish that they could turn back to the past.
and with that ,they will try to fix all that they could.

but if that possible for them..?

and if they really could turn back ,
could they fix all the the thing..?
could the not repeating the same mistake..?

after all,
its all just a wish.
never have been granted such gift.
to turn back and fixing the things.


Fiqa said...

heh, dion.
kau nak buat satu lagi entry kat comment aku ke?!
gurau je. jgn sensitive sgt. =D
kang kau tak nak baca blog aku dah.

everything happens for a reason.

ZatyMansor said...

apsal aku rasa lain mcm jer bace blog ko.haha.

Fiqa said...

ape yg lain je?
lain ke? ape???!!!