Thursday, March 17, 2011

For those..

for those who affected by the natural disaster in Japan. This is my support for you. I'll be supporting all of you spiritually, because I'm not there :)

Let's pray together that every day would be a brighter day for them and for us too! Please make things easier for them. 
and I'm awfully ashamed by THE issue :'(
Please think positively about us who innocently and not involved in it. 

but from my point of view, the disaster happened to you because to show us, that we should be at least 30% of your culture and ethics. You get respect from me!!

Ps: owh, maybe some of you don't understand, which I wrote; "Ri Ben, Jia You" means "Japan, keep holding on (literally)" :)

PEACE  V(^_^)V


AAZ said...

COngrates my dear sister for your concern. Orang mengingati orang lain akan diingati :)

Fiqa said...