Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frequent Deja-Vu

It's starting to freaking me out! too often deja-vu!

I get this weird deja-vu on 22 March 2011. it was in the library; I was supposed to help my group mate on finishing the assignment;

and then suddenly she said;
Fiqah, kau okay tak?

and I was like shocked because it was like I've dreamed it before!

and she said;
kau nak kluar amek angin ke?

and I said; takde la. ok je..

but it really creeps me out. I don't have too much deja-vu in 3 months! usually on the important day of my life such is UPSR, PMR and SPM. muahahahaa~ not like this!

and I just had it just now.
I was sitting on the table trying to login to the UUM library portal, and I can't. Then I looked at the window saw 3 men walking in the rain which were mizi, zaid and rizal... and I received message from lela... said that she could login to the portal and my reaction was exactly in my deja-vu! OMG! OMG!!


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