Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Festival in UUM (Part 2)

So, my story continues. opening of the semester, they made a gathering where we ate and have games. then that moment I knew more and more friends. and of course, I can't remember all names at one night. since we meet every night, we asked name again and again.we grew closer and closer. 

I didn't take all the picture along my journey with them. but bear with me whatever pictures that I have. bhahaa! this spring fest also my first experience went out with them buying things for event. We ate pizza for lunch. :) and there I know that Xiao Wen's favourite color is blue.

From this spring fest, I learned hokkien and learned more about their culture and religion. oh! let me put here all the member names:

Special Task Department
Fong Meng En (Leader) from Kuantan
Winnie Leong from Pahang
Xiao Wen from Perak
Siew Gean from Kelantan
Lee Hui from Perak
Derrick Ong from Alor Setar
 (taken from facebook) This picture is for the magazine :)
From behind left; Xiao Wen, me, Lee Hui, Derrick, Siew Gean and Winnie
oh. Alex (left) is our supervisor and Henry the project leader and our leader Meng En

I really glad that I made this decision. Always! Even I didn't have much time for myself, but I really glad I made the decision :)

Besides learning their culture and religion, they also learned about our culture and religion too! :) they know to slow down voices whenever "azan". They know that we need to pray at certain time. :) see! They are very considerate.

so here are pictures. We are in charge on the decoration and exhibition outside of the dewan MAS. We made the "small people country" (direct translation) basically, most of them are Xiao Wen's hard work. surprisingly! I never knew that it was so small and she could made those with her own hands! :O AMAZING!

 this is the guy who sells chicken!
 there are very small fish and vegetable and noodles!
 love this one! WATERMELON!!!
 hehee. this is actually the only that I've made. drawing the house. =.='
 not yet finish. still much more to go!

We made the tanglung, there are small and little things that I did. bhahaha! because didn't have the patience to actually done one!

celebrating birthday, someone of their family passed away. even at the last day of preparation, Winnie's friend passed away. there are tears and laughter! that we share. 

well, there will be more. because there will be more pictures :D

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