Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not all

As my observation here, 

Here I would like to address on people who stereotype. I was sitting in the library, sharing space with foreigner master students in UUM. I agree that I don't have many foreign friends but I have few classmates who I talk to and said "hai" to them. ok. I have Indonesian friends. count! :P

 Left: Erkin from Uzbek and Hasan from Somalia :)

a very tall guy :)

there are cases arises lately, but I just don't really like how they view things. 

I would say, I met wonderful and very impressive people here. They come to Malaysia in order to get education to serve their country for the sake of future generation. I've met this people in my Leadership class. well, not all. like "Janji Melayu" well, not all Malay is not punctual. I met very punctual Malays :P

These people who willing to come here and learning here far away from their home. I could see some of them are really enjoy their life here. they learn Bahasa they learn our culture they eat our foods. I would say, their country is not as privilege as us.

A sudden update about this situation is when I overheard the masters student talk about their condition in their country. and both of them were teachers back home. :D

I also always glad with my decisions. I glad I'm here. knowing much more. mingle with more friends. :)

maybe I should picked up more Russian? hahahaa! because Erkin speaks a lot Bahasa! :O

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