Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Festival in UUM (Part 1)

Spring Fest? 
also known as One Spring One Malaysia under DPP Sime Darby.

It’s every semester’s activity; next semester would be mooncake festival. Most of the AJK will be Chinese. But this time myself and tiya joined this event! I’m glad I’ve made this decision.

Before I forget let’s read my interview… it was that night, tiya was so excited about it. I went there and fill in the forms and went to interview. I didn’t tell them that I can speak mandarin. I just speak English throughout the interview. Honestly, the interviewer didn’t look familiar at all to me. my interview takes about 20mins and few days after that I get sms that I get in Special Task department.

I didn’t go for the first general meeting because I had a discussion on that day. :(

So move on, I went for the first meeting special task meeting. They still didn’t know that I can speak mandarin. Errr.. They struggle to translate. So I admit that I can understand Mandarin. Heheee.  It was awkward at first but it turns they are very friendly. 

Then there's go for semester break. they contacted me using Facebook. thing to bring back and things to do.

Since my third semester opened we went to the hall to make preparation. Preparation for everything. mostly is the decoration on that they. there are few motivation slot but wow! yeah. we need motivation as well. 

it was every night from 8.30pm until 1am almost everyday. every department gather to complete their tasks. 

all these pictures are on the process on finishing. every department have their own tasks. :)

our event was on:
26th April 2012
Dewan MAS

There will be next post. Stay tune! :D

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