Thursday, April 13, 2017

Warning to all readers.

I'm writing this after few years of abandonment... I'm back for awhile. Sayalah orang tu yang bila susah cari blog nih.

This is public post, kene be really careful while typing things out. 

This post is relating to my heart. 

Yup, at this time of this moment, I don't want to deny this, I realised that I do fell in love with a guy. Maybe kawan-kawan sekeliling boleh teka and tau on this issue. Issue ke(?). 


Oppsss.. I did it again. I confessed to that guy that I liked him. 

And history repeats itself, I've been rejected, kali ni punya gila kejam punya. Hopefully I don't do this to anyone.

The thing is I don't know to move on from this or not. Still contemplating whether to move on or not. I guess let the time decide. Tapi don't worry, I'm not crazy person yang terhegeh-hegeh dekat kau. I'll act cool like nothing happened and we are strangers again. Well, I'm the one yang ada very bad attitude problem, I accept that no one can cope with me sebab tu aku takde dengan sesiapa kan? Coz my attitude problem. Now it make sense. 

I do believe there is someone out there are meant for me. Just dia lambat sampai. Lambat benor kau nih.

For those heartbroken macam I, stay strong! we can do this! We can go through this! We are too awesome for that guy. He can't handle us because we are awesome! :)

Why I'm writing this? Cause I want old me to remember this. 

On the bright side, I learn more about myself and acknowledge and live up to my life policy that is, you only live once and do your best and not to regret it later. So, I've done my part because I've done all the necessary action that I could done so I don't regret later.

Keep Smiling and Continue and Repeat.

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