Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"aku tak letak kahwin sebagai matlamat hidup aku"

Read it without judgement. 

Ini bukan statement aku. and please set aside religious opinion to yourself. 

Statement itu dari lelaki yang muda dari aku 2 tahun. 

It came and struck to me pasal kahwin bila I was left alone to manage myself for ONE night. I was driving back home after dinner with my office mate. I was thinking, IF! If I'm still single for a very long time, I would feel lonely at some point where I do felt if at that time. 

It's not that I don't have any friends, I do, but they do have their life to live not just around me. 

It would be those days where I don't have anyone to listen to my stories, my day and those jokes I saw in the internet. 
It would be those days that I have to do thing alone like dining outside, movies and travel.
It would be those days that I'm super sad but no shoulder to cry on. 
It would be those days when I'm sick there's no one next to me. 
It would be those days that when there is no one to share with if you have a happy/exciting news. 

People around do get busy. 

There will be a constant waiting for the "One" to come by and you thought the one came by, it turns out it wasn't him.

So you could see how I view marriage kan? super typical and cheesy. I know that life is not always rainbow and sunshine, there will be storms and hurricane. I wanted choose to see only rainbow and sunshine and hope those rainbow and sunshine would help me get through the stormy days.

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