Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's okay

I've been watching YouTube every single day! :) 

Now I'm officially a YouTube Addict :D
I've been watching almost all the famous channels and love watching vlogs because their perspective and I could see the world in their point of view. (even it is fake) :\
here are the list that channels that I always watch :D
  1. nigahiga & HigaTV
  3. kassemg & KassemGtwo
  4. WongFuProductions
  5. theTimothyDeLaGettho
  6. Freddiew & Freddiew2
  7. IanH (Smosh)
  8. Jimmy
  9. Realitychangers
  10. davidchoimusic &davidchoitalk
  11. RayWilliamJohnson & Breaking NYC
  12. KevJumba & JumbaFund
  13. Chestersee
  14. victorvictorkim
  15. QuestDanceCrew & other Quest Crew member channels :D
  16. Mathlutfhi90
  17. DominicShow
  18. TheStation2
  19. NicePeter & NicePeterToo
  20. JKFilms &BartKwan &GeovannaAntoinette
and tons of channels :D

When I see all the channels, I've learned a lot about life and how it really works. Basically all these people in the list is making money by making videos and they have to work hard in terms of ideas and editing! I believe that is a lot of work. they keep making these videos probably the income is GOOD~ :D but what I really want to say here is....

It's okay I guess for these people to make the comedy which they just make a character to sell to worldwide to love them and subscribe them. There are a few let me introduce to you :D

This my perspective you could give your opinion too :D

TimothyDeLaGettho - His parents are from Thailand you could hear from his vlogs conversation in Siamese. He raps and I really love his raps. :D he so good! and he have friends from all kinds of colour and he speaks a normal American English. Despite all the dirty words and talks from him, he also a nice guy seeing footage his dating with his gf (now ex-gf). I really learned a lot and many of questions are answered. :D

Kassem G - In his channel he encourage people to just give him hate comments. hahaha! he is funny! He is Jordanian/Eygptian. He also likes to dirty talk and grab other people boobies and act so perverted. Maybe because of that he could get more subscribers. but I really like him because he is a comedian and he is funny! but when you see him in SHAYTARDS videos, he is so nice with the kids. 

Peter Chao (pyrobooby) - He lives in Canada but from Hong Kong. He never take off his shades. NEVER! there not even a picture or footage of his eyes. hahahaa! No idea why and there are people said that Peter Chao is not even his real name. He talks with a heavy chinese ascent but in English. But, when you see footage from his gf's videos he talks English PERFECTLY and nothing wrong with his pronouncation. It just an act. He will have those really nasty talking towards women but he is a nice guy which he peeled prawn for his gf!(in the Chelsea: cooking fried rice) I believe that it just and act to make controversial and make money from it .

JKFilms (Joe and Bart) - They make hilarious videos! :D but with a heavy korean ascent in English. with that ridiculous hot pants! hahahaha!~ but when you watch their vlogs they not in the character compare to Peter Chao. They are entertainment and I love them! :D
So, as I update my twitter status, nice guy finish last. Probably all the nice guy act wouldn't get them to be popular in YouTube and to compete with tons of other people! to give that memorable impression to the viewer. Just like Lady Gaga, all the crazy fashion really makes her famous. Britney Spears too! 

What is your opinion?

they just bunch of entertainers. I won't care but probably won't subscribe to Peter Chao. Sorry. but I swear I didn't flag you and never press the dislike button! even to Rebecca Black! and Justin Bieber. 


Ummul said...

kita sub michelle phan jugak! heee!

Fiqa said...

sbb kte tau kte takkan nak make up smpi macam tu sekali. so kte tak sub dia! hahahaha~