Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been awhile

I've been abandoned this blog for a really long time now. :)
I'm holiday-ing! I don't have story to share. but anyway, since is Eid-ul Fitr... I've been really worried about my weight for the whole 3 days going back to hometown. Ipoh. Currently in my house, there are a lot of stuffs that is so yummy and I couldn't say no at all! and I'll start eating and eating it up! I guess they (the food) is begging me to eat it! :D

So here, are picture I've taken, it's shaky! (well, not my satio, of course the pictures suck BIG TIME)

 oh yeah! favorite kuih ever! :D

 Mom brought this home! Flower shaped marshmellow. (It's officially finished)

 a box of chocolate :D (haven't eat it yet).

 This year collection of kuih raya :)

 oh yeah!! Patchi!! yum yum! :)))


 a box of kuih raya :)

 muruku :D

Can't wait for these too!~!!! :DDD

so here is a picture of my arm. :)
I was supposed to exercise but I fell asleep and woke up with a cool print on my right arm :O

Kthxbai! :P 


Ummul said...

ahahahaha..rumah kita tak byk kuih pon. kami buat bahulu dgn tart nenas je.

Fiqa said...

ha ah!! bahulu! dah lama tak makan.. tart nenas ada byk :)
tahun tak sebyk tahun lepas.. :)