Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheesy Entry

Warning for those who can't handle cheesy entry. DON'T READ!

ye, looking back to the past. As always. at one time, you will look back for the past things. just to reminisce. people always said, look forward and don't look past. but what is history for? bhahaa! What have done is done! Nothing to be changed.

But weird for me, why I always think, what happen if.. what happen that... I hate it but I always think like that. (T_T). Kinat mentioned to me to hear and see the new MV of Yuna; "Mengukir bintang" Coincidently someone from my friend lists post it. I don't really like the song...

To you;
I'm not good on showing my love to you. I'm not good on writing songs for you. I'm not good at anything seriously. but I'll pray that you are the one for me and it's easier then I don't have to search again. bhahaha! And I'm giving you my best to make this work. and that doubt always be there :P 

Life is uncertain but yet adventurous! AND AWESOME!

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