Monday, January 7, 2013

What am I still doing here?

Yes, probably the feeling makes me stays here.
but it doesn't mean that you play around with it.
It doesn't mean that you could takes things for granted.

It seems I wanted to do the same thing to you,
but I couldn't.
so, hope that one day, someone will return the favor to you.

I guess, 
I deserves to get treated like a trash.
I guess this makes me understand all the things that I said before. 
To all people I've criticized before (behind your back), I'm truly sorry. Now I know how it felt. 

I wanted it to stop but I couldn't
even thinking of it makes me burst into tears.

I hate disappointment.. 
I should go.

ps: I learned a lot words and using English and Mandarin by listening to songs.

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