Thursday, July 25, 2013

The other phase of life

it's been a decade that I left this blog. literally.
probably because I have people to talk to. Now, I'm back to my cave and yes, here I am to write about my life. which the most bored things that you want to read. (maybe reverse psychology?)

well, this is my last semester,


it's not my ideal work that I wanted to work at. It's a at the bank! hahaha! the last place I wanted to be, okay not really. but yeah. I'm internship at a bank at Human Capital Department! "Good Morning, Human Capital Department, how can I help you?" hahaaha. that is what happen when I answer the phone and usually I don't have the answer. hahaha! ok. done laughing.

I just realised that this phase of life is the scariest part of my life. I never worked before all I heard about is the corporate world. but actually SIFE/ENACTUS help me from having culture shock, the organisation itself have helped me to have a peak of the real world. interesting. 

Whenever I said that I'm intern at Human Capital people would expect payroll and stuffs. NOPE! wrong! I'm reviewing policy! and I need to tell you something that I fell in love with the department and the organisation! I'm a person that really fell in love with good things really fast! hahaha! I don't think that I should be in HR reviewing policies because I'm super worried about the worker at the respective countries! hahahhaa! If I'm the decision maker, I'll approve most of the thing.

ps: and the phase that I need to so far away from you. dah nak cari gaduh dengan siapa?

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