Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Perbezaan Jantina

hehee. nak bunuh masa tunggu masa start kerja nih.

hahaha, ask I was thinking,
ini random okay~

ok. kalau lelaki yang tak berapa nak tinggi, tak boleh pakai kasut tinggi 5inci macam perempuan.
kalau lelaki yang mata tak berapa nak besar, tak boleh nak pakai mascara panjangkan bulu mata dengan eyeliner macam kucing. hahahaha!

ok. sebenarnya ada. ada lelaki yang pakai macam tu. ye saya tau.

heh. jadi lelaki tak payah amek masa nak bersiap. 
itu saya. perempuan yang sangat malas. hahaha.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


well, the result is out.
Alhamdulillah. Hoping this internship help a little on my final CGPA.

I love to learn new things.
but my passion is definitely INVESTMENT!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Me Me Me Me!

well, I miss the green view and fresh air! 
so refreshing!

I'm the city. jungle city.

you know what, I learned more and more about myself. one thing for sure that I just realised.
I'm perform better when I'm in pressure. I'm weird.

and I'm socially awkward. super awkward! hahaha

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The other phase of life

it's been a decade that I left this blog. literally.
probably because I have people to talk to. Now, I'm back to my cave and yes, here I am to write about my life. which the most bored things that you want to read. (maybe reverse psychology?)

well, this is my last semester,


it's not my ideal work that I wanted to work at. It's a at the bank! hahaha! the last place I wanted to be, okay not really. but yeah. I'm internship at a bank at Human Capital Department! "Good Morning, Human Capital Department, how can I help you?" hahaaha. that is what happen when I answer the phone and usually I don't have the answer. hahaha! ok. done laughing.

I just realised that this phase of life is the scariest part of my life. I never worked before all I heard about is the corporate world. but actually SIFE/ENACTUS help me from having culture shock, the organisation itself have helped me to have a peak of the real world. interesting. 

Whenever I said that I'm intern at Human Capital people would expect payroll and stuffs. NOPE! wrong! I'm reviewing policy! and I need to tell you something that I fell in love with the department and the organisation! I'm a person that really fell in love with good things really fast! hahaha! I don't think that I should be in HR reviewing policies because I'm super worried about the worker at the respective countries! hahahhaa! If I'm the decision maker, I'll approve most of the thing.

ps: and the phase that I need to so far away from you. dah nak cari gaduh dengan siapa?