Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm Perfect

Is it weird, 

I always feel that I'm perfect. 
When you let me go, then it's your loss.

After graduate from Degree, I went for interview. At that point, I wanted Management Trainee position. I never thought that I would enjoy sales. So at some point, I was selected for the second interview with all other overseas graduates which most of them didn't know UUM existed. LOL! and at that time, I doubt myself.

It was one on one interview, and one of them was the head of contact centre asking me regarding working in sales and I pursuade her to give a chance to do it. Main reason was my parents who disagree me in sales as they say that everyone can do sales. 

When I was doing interview with this current job, I honestly mention that my parents would disagree on the job. But I said that I would convince them. And I'm still working in sales for 9 months! wehee! and I love them! 

So, it's your loss for not having me as your Management Trainee because I know I can do awesome things for your organisation! 

I'm being super positive. I don't know when I start to be this way. But it's creepy and scary and proud at the same time. :D

Once you let me go, you would loss a lot. An Awesome Friend. :)
Here are my picture. See! 
Cute too! hahahahahaha! 

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