Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is today tuesday?

ok, today..
I feel like what to do the house chore.
plus wearing singlet and today is shampoo my hair day!
I don't mind to get sweaty and smelly today... =P
Plus! I ate too much past few days. ( I lost count of my days)

I haven't unpack yet  (>.<)
as you guys viewed my previous post the condition of my room,
my room at home is less worse then at kolej...

I already get my license to work...
but now, I don't really want to work =(
doing nothing at home is relaxing. =D

I miss human being,
where I can observe and doing my research with Azrina.

My phone?
I made it silent mode,
and I kept it some where I don't know,
hahahaa~ So, if you sent a message or give me a call no answers...
You should know why....

But, lately... I always had a dream of you guys,
today I dreamed of Melbourne, and it seems my brother is working there.
and at the university nearby,
there is hazie, nadia and jehan in one of the class,
we had a chat, but then your lecturer came in.. XD

this is a conversation last sunday with my mom:
Location: Mines. Giant Hypermarket

Fiqa: MA!! ada lagi hensem~ dari China
Mama: mane awak tau diaorg dari China?
Fiqa: Jersey diaorg tulis China, lagipun muka diaorg dari China.. mata diaorg tak sepet pun...
Mama: mane org hensem tu?
Fiqa: tu!!!
Mama: entah² diaorg pemain badminton.. skrg ada competition badminton.
            Awak nak autograph diaorg tak?!!!! (tetiba mak saya pulak excited =P)
Fiqa: ish tak nak lah.. dah la tak tau nama diaorg...

Conclusion from this conversation... My mom wasn't that conservative at all.. hahahaa~
dia layan aje anak dia ni cuci mata XP


Ummul said...

if i had a chance to bum into them, ummul akan gi dekat diaorg and ckp,

'Please let us WIN!' hahaha :P

Fiqa said...

sapalah kte nak suroh kasi kte menang.. hahahaa~