Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bla bla bla...

If I have the writing skills,
I would write my brain and heart out.
but if I have the courage with me too, 
I would write bluntly without thinking consequences.
but I'm open for any comment.
I guess, no one is perfect.

a person could write so well in English, but couldn't converse well.
A person could converse so well in English but couldn't write well.

when coming to this phase, I have no idea who am I. 
and where I will going to be.
I love giving presentation, but I hate socialising.

what I could really see,
if you want to be someone, you must be able to charm people through it. 
hardwork wouldn't cut it. or maybe because I'm in HR? hahahaha
people here are ridiculously charismatic!

leadership? no idea. 
oh. there is an issue I would say it out. but. yeah. errr. errrr.. 
not this public. I know what people would think about me.

I'm depressed. bye!

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