Saturday, January 22, 2011


Quote from Wong Fu Productions;
"Dare to explore a world that is bigger than you know. There are a lot of reasons to not do something or not feel something. Those boundaries and walls are put up by ourselves. Once we're able to step outside of them, we can truly realize the endless possibilities the world has to offer."
I'm agreeing every single word. and it's so true.

Here are the clips; support them! They're cool!!


peanut said...

ye la pika! i agree to! im afraid to any commitment, afraid klu aku active it might disturb my studies. huhh... go away la wall!!! (hehehe)

Fiqa said...

dah tau.. jgn buat alasan :DDD

golden_eyes167 said...

cool....(^_^) where u get this?

Fiqa said...

hehee~ kat youtube :))
asian rock! hehehee~