Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thing make me smile/laugh

When people remember my name,
when people forgets my name,
when seeing someone smiling/laughing,
when someone is smiling at me.
When I make mistakes or fall down,
when I make new friends.
when I eat coconut jelly
when I eat very tasty chocolate :d
when someone is insulting me in mandarin.
when I accomplish a little task that I've targeted
when I have a good night sleep
when I see hot guys.
when I saw a cute and adorable cat/animals.
when I see something delicious
when people call my name
when I see funny or cute video clips.
when taking pictures.
when walking down to memory lane.
when went for a wrong class.


This is the coconut jelly.. yum yum :D
I allowed myself to eat only 2 per day. Because of high of sugar :D

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