Thursday, August 9, 2012


♫ 我是我



Lyric from Wilber Pan's new album :)

I am me
He is me
You are me
So, who am I?

Probably that time of the month that really bothers my emotion. and I started to think, who really understands me? my friends? not all my friends knows me. I don't even know myself that well. Day by day, I learn new things about me. Readers out there probably know themselves very well or family members that knows you very well, friends that knows you well or you yourself knows yourself well.

and I bet any of you have a friend that thought that he/she knows you that well. and what you can do is just nod your head on whatever bullshit he/she said about you. guess that probably true.

For me, I did have a friend that knows me very well, but she already have her own family and we rarely hangout that much. and from that point, I've changed. my perspective changed. my attitude changed.

but at times I have people around me that gave me a shock when they remembered me. Even I don't usually remember me. ? weird? yes. I'm that weird.

I think it's time to just stop searching for a person that understands me. If the person exist lucky me. If the person doesn't exist, I'm not gonna die.

so. er. nothing to say further.

going to embrace my moody mood. :\

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