Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Future Post

This is your second future post. This time I should put all those things that should remind me to not forget.

Future Afiqah,
When you read this, this is your past is writing. XD
I want to remind you many things. I want to remember who you are when you form 1. You started with nothing to something when in Diploma. I wanted you to stop being so proud of yourself, please stay humble and if you feel down, please don't think that the world is ending. 
Stay remember all of your friends that helped you through your life. EVERY friends! Remember!
I want you to still remain positive and always admit your mistakes. Don't ever do something bad towards other because you have to remember that "God is fair". 

Stay motivated and do best in everything!
oh! If you dating right now, please remember your principles. =|
Make sure your weight is below 63kg!

When ever you right now, please always updating your blog. =D
As I'm writing this; you are 21 years old. =)

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