Monday, November 26, 2012

Perks having this boyfriend

WARNING: If you can't stand this, please ignore this post!

I know it's not something to be proud of. It's something that I rarely do. Since I'm lucky enough to met you, please don't be mad of this post. hahahaa!

full name won't be mention in here, since what happened to the post about my brother. hahahaa. sorry abang. :P and I called my real biological, pure related and look like, oldest brother "abang" and le boyfriend is "pakcik". 

one of my main perks,
1. Having someone to pick fights on!
Yes, I love to pick up fights. I just do especially when I'm stressed and tired and just on in the mood. I usually have a girlfriend to have an huge argument but both of us is damn close to each other. :) but she's married and we don't do that anymore. hahahaa. What I really enjoy picking a fight with him is, when he let me win! weeeee! yes, I'm that pathetic. hahahaa. I never win. I rarely win with anyone else. I'm just loser even in board game or cards or anything.

2. When my friends is away for lunch or dinner, he's there for accompany me
Usually I have few fixed friends for lunch and dinner. those friends that like to walk far enough to get good foods  around campus. Well, they usually busy too! so, then left me alone and it's time to message up le bf. :) he knows. My priority are (ranked), Family, Study, Friends, Cats, A lot of Cats, Ice cream, Chocolates and boyfriend. heeee. So, I don't have to eat alone. but actually I don't mind. Mengada memang macam tu. :P

3. Attention given!
Well, if you read all previous post, you know how attention whore I am! or need for attention kind of kid. I don't really get much attention that's why I love cats because I don't have much people by my side. Well, yeah. I get my effing attention.

4. Someone to listen all the crap.
I like to talk, usually when I talk no one listens. No one give a damn. So, he always the one who listens how my days went, what are really my feelings, why, where and who and how... he is like my therapist. mental therapist. I never had one but probably like that. and I talk A LOT! tapi kalau dah pakcik tu start membebel. *lari!!!* hehee. selalunya nanti dia perasan dia membebel pastu dia kata; "ok, suka hatilah, nanti kata saya membebel pulak" dan saya akan cakap, "memang pun" hahahaaa!

5. Walk to meetings
He usually send me off to meeting. walking. yes, I like to walk. especially in the jungle~ :) so he usually send me off to meeting so I don't have to walk alone.

6. Ice cream
heee. when I'm craving for ice cream. He'll be there. :)


khairunnisa said...

me like no.6 as well..makan aiskrim sama2..haha

Fiqa said...

hehee. tapi seminggu sekali! bahaya. gula. heheee