Friday, October 25, 2013

Diamond in me.

It was a short trip to 47th Floor,
Thank you so much! Best benor!
ini scenery dari atas! :)

ha. ok, cerita pasal jumpa dengan her supervisor,
tak payah sebut nama, nanti dia jumpa pulak blog ni.
her supervisor asks few questions, his questions was very easy. but difficult to answer. 
he asks about your add-value, the diamond in you.

I have that problem, I knew what is my potential, but when someone asks me at that moment, all of the sudden, I can't recall anything about the good thing about me! I have a lot to offer! that how confident I am. 

ok. what are my add-value from other student, I don't have working experience. During internship, I able to experienced a working life. A somewhat real working life. It was like I was expecting. 

I'm a very open minded person I would say. I don't mind on exploring new things, but not sales. haha. yes, I have my target for my career, so far, I want to achieve that. But I believe that along the way even I don't get the position I wanted for, all the path will actually gives benefits for me. 

I'm always in-time. I don't go to know late. I can't stand being late. I'll go crazy! and depressed. hahahaa. Even tasks given, I will not do last minute, I actually have done 85% of my report that needed to send on 18 Nov. haaaaaaa

I perform very well under pressure. This apply when I'm presenting for competition. I need to feel pressured to be able to present very well.

I respect people and I don't judge.

My motto of my life is, I'll do every thing at my best to avoid regrets.

What is your diamond in you?

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