Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What if

rasanya ada pernah tulis title ni. 
aaaahhhh! bior!

what if all those positive thinking actually a way for us to run away from the reality?
some people afraid to have those positive thinking. why? because they would so afraid to be disappointed on what they hope it to be. 

me? I hope, hope and pray so hard on a lot of stuffs. I get disappointed so many times. I already get used to it. I've cried. I've wanted it so bad. but yeah, every happened for a reason. Something else will come in your way. 

but I won't give up hoping and doing everything the best. of course, with hope and hard work. you have to work something before you wanted things. 

Happy Wednesday! :D


Ummul said...

'I already get used to it.'
You're not alone. :)

Fiqa said...

yeay! gang! :D