Sunday, October 6, 2013

Small little tiny fish.

I was chatting via Whatapps with a friend yesterday. and we were talking about the life. The next phase of life. What are we feeling and going through our mind. 

The first week of internship, I was the only intern for that particular department, I have no idea what I should feel. Then a fresh graduate came over as permanent, Then I start to feel. Feels like I'm a small little tiny winky fish, in a huge and deep ocean with all kinds of fishes. hahahaa! I have no idea why I'm using this metaphor. I'm not really into fish. hahaha! or sea. or water. or anything related.

So, I have no idea whether all fresh graduate like us, have the same feeling. 
A feeling that, you are nobody in the world, 
feels like you lack of everything in this point of time. 
A feeling that I should take advantage of everything all way before Diploma
I was in great high school and went in great university.

Then you will met all kinds of person.
all kinds of thing,
all kinds of stuffs.
but that makes your life unique and beautiful.

so, what did I do?
I ignore that feeling.
Feeling of doubt of myself.
I start to feel that I have something to offer to the world. but not now. later. I must have purpose! I am unique and weird in my own way. I have something to offer. but I have no idea yet. but soon!


so, progress... 
I still have that awkward moment when a guy wanted to make conversation, 3 months and a week. hahaha! fills with awkward conversation, and usually I replies with a short answer and stare at my laptop. ok. Bank's laptop. bhahahahhaa!

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